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Hey netizens, 2020 has without a doubt presented us with some of the best Korean dramas ever, and with this year over, what can we expect more right? But keep your hopes high, because December 2020 will see a beneficial month for all K-drama fans, some of your favorite actors and idols are here to entertain you to the core! Without wasting any more of your time, let’s move on to our list of the next best Korean dramas in December 2020.

Here you are:

1. Real beauty

The most anticipated drama of 2020 is set in December, based on the toon super website of the same name.

Lim Ju Gyeong is one of the hottest and most beautiful girls in high school, confident in everything she does, but one thing she doesn’t trust is her looks. Lim Ju Gyeong wears makeup at school and lives in constant fear of her classmates to find out what she really looks like. Lee Suho is a student transferred to the same high school, and she is the only person who has seen So Kyung’s exposed face outside of the school but doesn’t seem to recognize her at school. Lee Suho is someone with deep emotional scars and seems to have no interest in kids in school, he looks more than idealistic but all he wants is to be accepted for the person he really is.

This drama focuses on the darker aspects of school life, such as appearance bias and bullying.

No doubt tops our list for Must Watch K-Dramas in December 2020!


  • Moon Ja Young as Lim Joo Kyung
  • Astro’s Cha Eun Woo as Lee Soo Ho
  • Hwang In Young as Han Seo Joon
  • Park Yoo Na as Kang Soo Jin

Release Day: December 9The tenth, 2020, uptime: Wed. And thurs. 22:50 on TV

Total number of episodes: 16


True Beauty December Kdrama 2020


2. The way the couple loves the city

All K-Drama fans look forward to it being Ji Chang Wook’s main business of the year after Backstreet Rookie. Ji Chang Wook usually makes thrillers with romance, but this year he only plays nice and honest roles.

Park Jae-won is an architect and an honest and sincere man. He loves to shoot beautiful streets and city life in his camera. Lee Eun O works as a freelancer and decides to live as another person for one day, meets Park Jae Won with another identity, acts the exact opposite of what she is, falls in love with Park Jae Won and disappears later in his life.

Through this short drama, we will get a peek at daily life and modern relationship struggles and don’t forget that they are essential to watch Korean dramas in December 2020.


  • Ji Chang Wook as Park Jae Won
  • Kim Ji Won as Lee Eun-O
  • Kim Min Suk as Choi Kyung Joon
  • Ryoo Kyung Soo as Kang Gun

Release Day: December 8The tenth, 2020, uptime: Tuesday and Friday 19:00 on Netflix

Total number of episodes: 12

The release date of this drama is subject to change.



3. The Queen

I’m sure you suffered from second lead syndrome while watching Crash Landing on You, Kim Jong Hyun is here with his historical comedy-drama, what’s more, he’s the main male character!

Jang Bong Hwan works as a chef in the President’s Blue House, in modern-day Seoul. He is a free-spirited young man, so liberated that his soul awakened one day in the body of Queen Kim Soo Young in Joseon Era, how he would survive the Joseon Era and an entire nation that he ruled, as well as the husband of none other than King Cheol Jung to take care of. This story follows a series of comedic and dramatic events.


  • Shin Hye Sun as Kim So-Yong
  • Kim Jung Hyun as King Cheoljong
  • Bae Jong Ok as Queen Sun Won
  • Kim Tae Woo as Kim Jwa Geun
  • Seol In-A as Jo Hee Jin
  • Yoo Min-kyu as Prince Young Byung

Release Day: December 12, 2020 Uptime: Saturday. & Sun. 21:00

Total number of episodes: 16


Queen of the next best K-Drama in December 2020


4. Betray me if you can

Park from the Oscar-winning movie Parasite is the lead actress in this amazing erotic drama.

Kang Yoo Ju is a well-known crime novel writer. Her books mostly deal with intricate murder mysteries. Ha Woo Sun is a divorce attorney and gets married to Kang Yeo Joo on the condition If he cheats on it he dies, He always feared that his wife’s fantasy and plans to create a perfect murder for her book would become real enough that she might end up killing someone in reality.

This drama is the perfect bundle of thrills, crime, romance, and comedy, and a fair choice to be on our list of these December 2020 must-see K-Dramas!


  • Cho Yoo Jeong as Kang Yoo Joo
  • Go Joon as Han Woo Sun
  • Kim Young Dae as Cha Soo Ho
  • Yeon Woo as Mi Rae

Release Day: Dec 2, 2020, uptime: Wed. And Thursday. 21:30

Total number of episodes: 32


Upcoming Korean drama in December 2020


5. Run

All the Girls Generation and ZE: A fans are sitting tight because your idols here are portraying the main characters in this drama, and also Shin Se Kyung is the female lead, I’m sure you’ve already added her to your watch list.

Ki Sun Gyeon is a runner who has been removed from the national team due to some legal issues and has recently started working as a sports agent. At this esteemed stage of his life, Oh Mi Joo who works as a subtitle writer for movies, is starting to fall in love with her and Mai Joo is very sure that she is destined. It has to be so.

We’ll see their relationship grow in the sports and romance dramas by JTBC. Sweet romance is what we need at the end of this year so you’ll be on my list of must-see K-Dramas in December 2020.


  • ZE: A’s Im Si Wan as Ki Sun Gyeom
  • Shin Se Kyung as Oh Mi Joo
  • SooYoung as Seo Dan-A
  • Kang Tae Oh as Lee Young-Hwa

Release Day: December 16The tenth, 2020, uptime: Wed. And Thursdays. 21:30

Total number of episodes: 16


Screening on the next best Korean drama in December 2020


6. Sweet Home

Song Kang might not return to screen with Love Alarm Season 2, but will he appear on screen fighting monsters alongside the heart of 18 again Lee Do Hyun and Lee Jin Wook from Voice 2.

Cha Hyun Soo is an introverted and emotional 18-year-old boy.

He doesn’t like to go out of his room and hardly ever talks to his parents. One unfortunate day he lost all of his family in a car accident and moved into a one-room apartment in a small apartment. Something strange happens to people when he turns them into monsters, how does he survive this and fight them. Based on the same super website from 2017. So it’s here on our list of must-see K-Dramas in December 2020!


  • Cha Hyun Soo played Song Kang
  • Byeon Sang Wook played Lee Jin Wook
  • Seo Yi Kyung played Lee Si Young
  • Lee Eun Hyeok played Lee Do Hyun

Release Day: December 18, 2020 on Netflix

Total number of episodes: 10


Sweet Home Spoiljoy 2020 December Drama


7. Silence

Girl Generation’s Yoona gets a lead role for the first time on TV with this drama.

It revolves around the daily life of newspaper reporters and how they deal with everyday issues. Han Joon Hyeok is a veteran reporter, who started out as someone who wants justice but is now confused that he should prioritize making life or should he stick to his ideals as a reporter. Lee Ji Soo is a hard-working rookie reporter looking forward to Han Joon Hyeok who is also her idol. This is a must-watch for K-dramas in December 2020.


  • Hwang Jung-min as Han Jun Hyuk
  • Yuna as Lee Ji Soo
  • Sun Byung is as Na Sung Woon
  • Kim Won Hae as Jung Se-Joon

Release Day: December 11, 2020 Uptime: Friday and Saturday 22:50 KST

Total number of episodes: 16


Shut up the upcoming Korean drama in December 2020


8. Secret Royal Inspector: Secret Joseon Investigation Team

The staff is enough to make you drool over this drama, it will be a hell comedy, starring Lee Yi Kyung, I know you watched Welcome to Waikiki, Infinite F’s L aka Kim Myung Soo and Itaewon Class lead actress Na Ra.

Set in the late Joseon period, Song Yi Geum, the son of the No.1 NobleU In the state examination. He is an official in the research department, until one day he is caught gambling and as a punishment he is demoted to the position of secret royal inspector. It is his duty to investigate and irradiate corrupt government officials. Prayers with Hong Da In, the royal inspector and his funny and funny servant Park Chun Sam. This is an interesting trio that will make a big difference to the Joseon system.


  • Kim Myung Soo as Sung Yi Gyeom
  • Kwon Na Ra as Hong Da In
  • Lee Yi Kyung as Park Chun Sam
  • Lee Tae Hwan as Song Yi Bum

Release Day: December 21U, 2020, operating time: Monday and Tuesday 21:30

Total number of episodes: 32



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So, that’s it for today’s list You must watch K-Drama in December 2020!. Hope you have stacked your December 2020 snacks!

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