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Roblox pet simulator x is the latest follow-up to the popular puppy simulator series! This game will make you stack money and diamonds to buy eggs, which you may then hatch to reap legendary pets like dragons or rhinos!

There will be areas to discover, eggs to discover, secrets to find, and you will be able to change pets with other players! If you have some duplicate pets, you can combine them or use them to get new ones!

You can use diamond rewards from the list of x tokens for puppy simulators to upgrade your character and pets!

How to use codes in Pet Simulator X?

All you have to do is head to puppy x simulator and hit the pet button. At the bottom of the screen, tap on the famous person icon and scroll down to the bottom of the Featured Store menu.

Click the Redeem button, copy one of the codes from our list, and paste it into the container. Press Enter and you will get your bulk reward.

How can I get bigger codes for puppy simulator x?

To find additional codes, be sure to follow the huge games on Twitter, who is the developer of this sport.

In any other case we can update this wiki with the latest max codes, so be sure to bookmark the webpage.

What can I do with diamonds?

You can use diamonds to expand on various things, including gambling to make a pet gold, growing a man or a woman, running pet speed, increasing puppy damage, raising diamond drop rate, and growing your puppy garage.

There is also merging your pets, turning them into rainbows, and opening a mysterious vault.

What are celestial bodies?

Orbs seem to be all you can choose from attacking coin piles, vaults, displays, and containers.

Pet X Simulator: Get Legendary Pets Faster

Getting Legendary Pets faster than usual can be a very clean affair. Just keep in mind the below mentioned guidelines to make it happen:

The basic advice to all of you is not to buy the $3.15 billion gold “imperial egg”. Instead of this egg, you can buy the replacement imperial egg which will cost you 350 million.

If you do the math here, you have a much higher chance of getting a legendary puppy by purchasing this.

You can also buy Hell Eggs or Haunted Eggs if you are simply collecting Legendary Eggs to display. You can buy the Golden Hell Egg for 90 Million or the Golden Haunted Egg for the value of 31.5 Million.

Buying these eggs gives you a better risk to get a legendary pet faster.

Furthermore, when you have a lot of fairy cash, you can buy any egg that has a better risk of bringing in a legendary puppy.

The above points were for players looking to get Legendary Pets faster and more cheaply.

So, almost all of this was to get legendary pets faster in pet x simulator. In case you find this text helpful, share it with your friends.

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