Wonder Egg Priority Episode 6 features Drunk Punch Day


The former is about, Neiru brings out a self-proclaimed God who was actually a demon. In the beginning, she was having trouble fighting Satan. However, soon an unknown girl joins the battle and supports Neiru. After the demon is taken down, the next morning, Rika, Nero, and Momo bring Ai and her mother’s gifts. Watching this, Ai’s mom is really happy her daughter is making some friends.

Overall, the episode was more of the fun episode we had all been waiting for. Now the story continues in Episode 6 of Wonder Egg Priority.

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 6

Preview outside of this training program –

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Release day

The sixth episode was titled “The Day of Beating a Drunk”. As for the broadcast date, the anime follows a broadcast schedule to release a new episode every Wednesday. Therefore, Episode 6 of Wonder Egg Priority will be released on February 17, 2021.

Broadcast Details – Where are you watching?

You can watch Wonder Egg Priority Episode 6 subtitled in English online at Funimation.

This psychological / dramatic / fantasy state will give you goose bumps and trigger a steady sense of excitement. Clover’s business has made a bold choice to produce this original animated series. But when you look at the limitless supply possibilities, it’s clear that the popular production company has made the right decision. Regardless of the risks this game poses, Wonder Egg Priority will make its mark in the long list of original anime.

The sixth episode of Priority Wonder Egg in the post-Punch Drunk Day debuted on Spoiler Guy.

source : spoilerguy.com


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