Will there be an online multiplayer mode for WRC 10 Roadmap details?


The latest online WRC game, WRC 10, will be officially released this week. kt racing because the developer also announced its content roadmap after the release of the legitimate game for the world rally championship.

As uploaded with the trusted WRC 10 Twitter, kt racing plans to pamper its players with the first exciting content % from the time of its release until January 2022.

The content of the initial installment will introduce 4 new cars. Three of those coming in October 2021, then an additional new car in November.

Which modern car model will be launched via WRC 10 after its release is still unknown. But there are WRC vehicles for the 2021 season that players can play with on launch day.

Coming back to the release of new cars for release, this increasingly makes the list of cars that players may play. Purpose, from the full list said earlier, will include the famous rally car kt races that have long since fallen behind during the 49 seasons of WRC.

Similar to cars, there can be ten new pool events after release. Including original activities in the 2021 WRC season, notably the Belgian Ypres Rally and the Greek Acropolis Rally.

The Ypres Rally will be Belgium in front of the players in October, while the Acropolis may be on hand in November.

WRC 10 has released a new Anniversary Edition to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the tournament. Sport is full of sparkling content and sensations.

Players are invited to relive the most interesting events from 1973 to the present! WRC 10 records mode puts your driving talents into 19 historical check-in activities that require players to adapt to the racing conditions specific to each occasion.

WRC 10 Roadmap Details: Online Multiplayer Tournament Mode

In the latest Twitter post, WRC’s trusted Twitter page revealed that there may not be a VR feature mode in WRC 10.

This is what the post said. The developers have confirmed that players have a list of functions that they can sit for inside a drawing of a release close to the updates. WRC 10 roadmap information includes:

Furthermore, the tweet went on to verify that everyone may have these features and updates available to gamers without any added value to everyone over the potential months.

In addition, the creators also promise to dedicate a greater percentage of details on each update soon. Meanwhile, the roadmap replacement schedule is as follows:

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