“Whistle! The Manga Double ‘lasted nearly two years after hiatus


Daisuke Higuchi’s “Whistle! W, Also known as “Whistle Double”, paused in April 2019 due to author health issues. The manga was resumed on Monday after nearly two years on Shogakukan’s Manga One app. The author explained that he took his time to recover and recharge.


The story is about two boys’ passion and dedication for football. Tengo Koga is a sixth grader at Musashinomori Elementary School with a good sense of soccer. However, the tables around him change when a football genius named Koroz Takumi moves to his school and sparks a new passion for soccer within Koga!

Kōga Tenjō is from a good family with a footballer as famous as his dad. Takumi Kurose is a man who has faced hardship and struggle. It is convenient to see two different paths leading to their destination together.

The manga was launched in Ura Sunday and Manga One in September 2016. The fourth volume of the manga collage books launched in January 2019.

The original whistle! Higuchi serialized the manga in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from 1998-2002. Shueisha released 24 volumes of compiled books for the series. Viz Media released all 24 volumes from 2004-2010. The manga received 39 adapted TV episodes in 2002-2003.

Dokushi -Higuchi was fired outright On Gentosha’s Comic Boost website last July. Special chapter full color whistle! Also posted by Higuchi On the Shonen Jump + website in August 2019.

The last “Whistle! The Manga Double” lasted nearly two years after hiatus debuting on Spoiler Guy.

source : spoilerguy.com


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