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When Will GATE Season 3 Release? Premiere Date & Visuals

An anime about monsters pouring through a mysterious portal sounds like a fantasy. But an anime where humans interact freely with the creatures in the world of the portals sounds like GATE.

GATE is a fantasy series based on a light novel written by Takumi Yanai and illustrated by Daisuke Izuka.

It has ten completed volumes, followed by a light novel sequel called GATE: Weigh Anchor.

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The story is very enjoyable and starts at a slow pace. The story portrays how a gate suddenly opens up in modern-day Japan, and monsters pour out causing havoc.

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To counteract this, the JSDF travel through the gate to ‘talk peace with the higher-ups,’ on the other side.

With the anime show split into two cours, the upcoming season would be the third one so far.

The anime has received good reviews at the time of release, and the light novels have been even more loved by the audience than the anime.

So, fans are curious, why hasn’t there been a Season 3 so far? How long would the upcoming season take to come back on TV?

1. Season 3 Release Date & Visuals

GATE Season 3 is expected to release in late 2021 or early 2022. The anime series was broadcasted on Tokyo MX and streamed online on Crunchyroll.

There is no official news available for the renewable status of the series by the production team.

The previous seasons covered the first five volumes of the light novel and there are five more left. So, the production team can release Season 3 at the end of 2021 or in early 2022.

One reason for the delay is the hiatus between the seasons. It is common for producers to take over five years of gap between each season to increase curiosity and cover up the lack of source materials.

The other reason is the lack of efficient source material. While there are five light novel volumes left for adaptation, they are just side stories.

While the main story finished in volume 5 that was adapted in Season 2.

Moreover, fans like the light novels more than the anime, as the anime skipped a lot of content, information, and details regarding the events that happen with Japan and JSDF.

But, A-1 Pictures could only do so much without interrupting the pace of the plot with dialogues.

A-1 Pictures is a studio that created anime like Kaguya-sama: Love is War, Magi, and Black Butler.

It has experience in creating the fantasy worlds without disrupting the story flow with additional information. Let’s hope they find time for animating the sequel of this wonderful series.

Season 3 will adapt the next five light novel volumes, which contain the side stories of the events after the coronation.

They set up an important stage for the light novel sequel ‘Gate Season 2: Weigh Anchor,’ which takes place four years later.

The official sites have not released any teasers for the anime yet. We will update this article when we get the information.

2. Expected Plot

Season 2 ends with the coronation of Princess Pina Co Lada and Prince Zorzal vowing vengeance against Japan for this. Season 3 will adapt the side stories from the next five volumes, leading to the stage of Weigh Anchor.

The upcoming season will most likely include the civil war that breaks out in the Empire due to Zorzal, as he rallies his Imperial troops for the conflict.

But Zorzal is not the immediate threat, as the consequences of all nations trying to intervene with the Special Region cause the Gate to Earth to close.

The JSDF loses reinforcements, supplies, and equipment and Itami loses his will to continue (his doujinshi convention was crashed just before the war). The season is likely to adapt the Weigh Anchor novels in the latter half of the season.

3. Recap

I. Season 1

The story starts when a mysterious gate appears in Ginza, from which monsters in medieval armor come out and attack everyone. Youji Itami is a JSDF officer who gets promoted for his actions during this event.

Gate Official Trailer

Japan then sends a JSDF task force led by Itami to the world beyond the gate for more information.

The force sees an army waiting for them sent by the Empire. JSDF defeats them, and Itami escorts the refugees, Rory, Lelei, and the elf back to Alnus Hill.

Meanwhile, in Italica, Princess Pina finds herself in despair against enemies and Itami, Rory, and some of the JSDF task force help her.

Everyone then reunites to go through the gate back to Japan. As the Special Region people get used to modern life, Black Ops from the US wants to take the Special Region guests.

Soon, a three-way battle leads to Rory killing everyone and all foreign nationals get arrested for kidnapping.

Months later, in the Special Region, Yao is sent to Itami for help, and Leilei states that it was far from over.

II. Season 2

Season 2 starts with Zorzal confronts the senators for treason during Pina’s party.

As the 3rd Recon helps them escape, Mari warns the soldiers of an upcoming earthquake. In the Imperial Palace, Itami and his squad come to know of the Japanese slaves being kept by Zorzal.

Itami pretends to be Tuka’s father and defeats another Fire Dragon for her revenge. During the celebration of this win, the king gets poisoned and Zorzal takes the throne.

He arrests all Japanese and traps the JSDF. This escalates tensions between Japan and the Empire.

The JSDF begin their assault on the Empire and rescue the people on house-arrest, while Pina is captured as a hostage by Tyuule.

When Will GATE Season 3 Release?
Princess Pina | Source: Fandom

Itami and the 3rd Recon come to save her from Zorzal, with Itami threatening to kill Zorzal.

Pina is crowned the Crown Princess, who vows to make peace between Japan and the Empire. Zorzal is forced to leave the city, and he swears vengeance on the group.

4. About GATE

GATE follows Youji Itami, an off-duty JSDF officer, who was on his way to an otaku event in Ginza when the city gets attacked by supernatural creatures in medieval attire.

These supernatural beings come out of a mysterious gate that opens up in the city’s middle.

Months after the accident, Itami is assigned as the leader of a task force. The force’s mission is to venture into the mysterious land through the gate to gather information about it and save humanity.

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