What you want to change the brightness on PS5 in GTA 5


The first step you should take is to test if your TV is good enough for HDR. We suggest TVs that can reach at least 500 nits (cd/m2) at peak brightness to simply stand out HDR.

Ideally, it should be at 600 nits or more. Nothing under 500 nits will be worth playing video games with HDR enabled because your screen will be too dark to display content properly.

To discover how to flaunt HDR on PS5, check out the bottom of this tutorial. To test how bright your TV is, we recommend trying to find it in the ratings as the website rates the brightness levels of the majority of mainstream TVs.

How to match PS5 and tv RGB levels

Mismatched RGB levels on your PlayStation 5 and TV can make the sport look vibrant and/or dark due to bright highlights and crushed blacks.

To solve this difficulty, the RGB range of your TV desires to form the RGB array of the PS 5. You have 3 alternatives on the ps5: “auto” (which is the default), “full” and “restricted”.

If your TV’s RGB is about to be limiting or equalizing, your PS5 should also be set to limiting. If your TV’s RGB is set to full or equal, your PS5 should be set to full.

The ‘Auto’ option needs, in theory, to detect your TV’s RGB diversity and to fit the mode into your PlayStation 5’s RGB range.

However, this does not happen constantly. So, if you’re seeing a loss of detail due to overly bright and/or dark scenes, you’ll definitely want to manually adjust the RGB range.

How to adjust HDR brightness ranges on ps5

If matching the RGB tones of your TV display to your PlayStation 5 doesn’t solve the problem, we suggest adjusting the HDR brightness levels. To achieve this on PS5, you can follow these steps:

1. From the “Settings” menu of the gadget, enter “Display and video” and then select “Video output” in the menu from the left side. After that, choose “Modify HDR” from the appropriate side of the display itself.

2. The “Set HDR 1/3” display allows you to set the maximum brightness of your program. The message on the screen indicates that you should trade the brightness until the sun logo appears inside the box a little.

We suggest increasing the brightness to at least one more level where the logo first grows to become invisible. Doing so is the method that will take full advantage of the best brightness for your television.

GTA 5: Change Brightness

For a lot of people, the sporty brightness of Grand Theft Auto 5 online can seem darker or brighter. However, unfortunately, for the multiplayer mode, the grand theft car online now does not offer an option in the display settings.

To switch, open the single wheel for Trevor, Michael and Franklin. So, you can choose an individual of your preference and go back down to Story Mode. Turning the brightness in story mode may replicate and practice on online multiplayer mode.

Once the one you want opens up in story mode, choose the alternatives
From here, head towards the Settings tab.

Under the Settings tab, you may find various alternatives such as Controls, Sound, and Camera. Select the offer here. On the right side, you will now see the brightness alternate.

Inside the brightness alternate, you will see a bar. Click on brightness and it will take you to screen calibration mode. As the display calibration menu opens, you will be able to individually distinguish all the clips within the bar under the rockstar logo.

If you want to increase the brightness, tap towards the right side. But in case you need to reduce the brightness, tap towards the left side.

Thus, you can click the x button to confirm the brightness exchange. After confirming the change, you can return to multiplayer mode. The trade-off made and performed here may be reflected in brightness.

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