What would you like to have two golden nuts in the trees above a green tent in Stardu Valley


Golden Walnut is the newest forex in Stardo Valley. This forex is used on Ginger Island, which may be unlocked after community center is completed and Willy’s boat repairs.

The Golden Nut must be obtained through a variety of moves and exchanged with the island birds to liberate territories, fast flights, and build required facilities.

In general, there are one hundred and thirty golden acorns. In order for players to release everything on the island, they will need to obtain 116 nuts.

This can be a scary project because playing without a clue makes getting acorns seem a bit random. The guide below will help you locate each golden nut so you can enjoy all about Ginger Island.

So far August 5, 2021 Gabrielle Huston Resources: There are over a hundred golden walnuts to discover on Ginger Island, so it’s an arduous trek to make myself.

You may need them to remove the burden from new areas, gain access to the farm, and more. Fortunately, we’re right here to help.

Stardew Valley Golden Walnut locations

With the new updates of Stardew Valley 1.5, a total of one hundred and thirty golden acorns can be observed on Ginger Island. The golden nut is a forks of parrots on Ginger Island in the Stardu Valley.

This acorn may be traded for unfamiliar rewards such as chi stones, which can similarly earn you unique rewards including magical bait and galactic spirits when trading.

One hundred and sixty golden walnut grains are required to unlock all rewards in qi memorization. This guide will cover all the places where players can discover these valuable nuts in Stardo Valley. Let’s test it below.

Volcano dungeon entrance

A large number of acorns can be found at the entrance to the volcano’s dungeon. You can use irrigation to create a path towards the left, so one can blow off and get out.

This exit will open and observe the nut on the bush. You can spot a tall tree to the left of the entrance. With a simple exploration of the area, you can find the rest of the five walnuts.

Stardew Valley 2 golden walnuts over a green tree how to get them?

Many players get tricked while searching for the golden acorns in the wood above the inexperienced tent. However, there may be a smooth and simple trick to getting these two nuts.

Just follow the steps mentioned below to confirm it. First, you should have a fixed bridge on the left side of those trees where the nut is.

To fix this bridge, you will need 10 golden walnuts. After repairing the bridge, you have to determine the path of the secret tunnel coming from the left side of the similar bridge. For reference, you can study the excerpt below:

So, this becomes roughly how you can get two golden walnuts in the woods over your inexperienced tent. If you decide this article is helpful, share it with your friends to help them get two walnuts.

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