Want to get two golden walnuts in the trees over a green tent in Stardo Valley?


Golden Walnut is a new version of Update 1. Five of Stardo Valley. There are one hundred and thirty golden acorns that you may get from exploring, hunting and killing monsters on Gingerbread Island, among other things.

Inside the following guide, we’ll explain where you can locate each golden nut. Some golden acorns are easy to keep, while others require a puzzle fix.

The mermaid puzzle is one such responsibilities for which you will get five golden acorns at a time. A parrot in a lion’s house will give you a few recommendations when searching.

Give him the first golden nut you find so he can come up with clues to the next area after each newly identified golden nut. However, since a little help leaves too much room for a concrete interpretation of the actual location, we can describe in additional detail where to look for the golden nut. You can discover a list of sites here.

Early on than you can get started on Ginger Island, you’ll need to befriend Leo. This can be done by collecting 11 golden walnuts on the island.

You can collect one on the way to the lion’s hut so you can make a movie scene. After this scene, you will want to collect 10 more golden nuts.

After this is achieved, the parrot will appear in a variety of places on the island and can take the Golden Nut to clear some things up.

Full list to unlock below. In the first vicinity of the island after the pier, you may find a direction heading west. This road is blocked by a turtle.

This road can open to the west side of the island which contains the unlockable farmhouse and ranch, the express travel device, and the golden walnut door.

On the first part of the western side of Ginger Island after the turtle clears the way, you will encounter a sleeping hut and a farming site. The price for this building is 20 golden walnuts.

Once it’s built, you can release a second house that you can use on the island to sleep in. This construction makes it easier to explore the island from head to lower back to Stardu Valley every night.

To the left of the sleeper hut is any other building you can build. This build really is a warp tower. Just like the obelisks, you can use the warp tower to get back to your farm while dealing with it. This can save you time when you don’t have a back wand.

Stardew Valley 2 golden nuts above the green tree, how to get them?

Several players are cheated at the same time as they look to announce golden walnuts in the bushes above the green tent. But, there is a smooth and easy trick to getting these two nuts. Just note the steps mentioned below to confirm this.

First of all, you should have repaired the bridge on the left side of those bushes where the nut is. To repair this bridge you will need 10 golden walnuts.

After repairing the bridge, you need to specify the name of the game tunnel path coming from the left side of the equal bridge. For reference, you can check the snippet below:

Walk this path across the bridge to get two golden walnuts in the timbers above the inexperienced tent.

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