Update for PUBG 13.2 Patch Adds, Blue Zone Grenade and two new weapons P90


Pubg Replaces 13.2 Patch Notes: New Trunk Tool, p90 SMG, Porter Cars, and Lots of Extras: Pubg has simply released patch notes for the impending 13. Version 2 of the replacement and feature has been provided to peek at the all-new contents and the recreation mode of the all-new update.

The next update will be released on September 08, 2021 for PC and on September 16, 2021 for consoles. Replacement 13.2 introduces new weapons including the P90 SMG and a new Blue Zone Grenade.

An all-new Hyundai-based pickup truck called the Porter has also been discovered. Here are the full patch notes for pubg thirteen. 2 updates:

In this variant, we include the highly desirable p90 smg for sponsorship programmes. The p90 is our first sponsorship smg deal because of Tommy’s unique pistol, and as such, we made sure it was miles worth of a worthy addition.

It comes loaded with its own hyper-powered 5.7mm ammo, which can fight long range, unlike other SMGs.

Additionally, it comes with a cheek pad, hand guard, laser, and a pre-installed, non-removable muffler. In addition, it has dual optical capabilities that allow quick switching between semi-various and mid-range flights.

Use the holographic view of nearby enemies and aim at the other view to get a magnification as soon as they turn it on. 7mm ammo included in a sponsorship package deal.

With a clear magazine that keeps you aware of the higher charges of fire and a laser that helps you keep the music of your targets, the P90 is a solid addition to your gear.

Tango Updates

Introducing the new pickup truck, porter, especially on the go! The porter is the Hyundai motor company’s representative industrial truck, which was first delivered in 1977.

Considering it holds several hundreds based on its strong foundations and its high-quality durability. It is the simplest vehicle on pubg that can be obtained with the back chest device, a new feature is added under it.

Porter is a truck capable of carrying hundreds and up to four passengers at the same time. Get your own chicken dinner with a porter that can be run without problems on any type of terrain with the help of the 4 wheel tool!

PUBG Patch 13.2 Weapons

To start off the long list of fired patch notes, today’s weapon was released, the p90 smg, this has been handed over to sponsorships and is no longer like the other way around, this gun can fire a long variety without difficulty.

The P90 has a five minute character. 7mm ammo, comes with cheek pad, handguard, silencer, laser pre-mounted and non-removable.

In the care package, the 250 rounds rifle will be paired with 5.7mm ammo, and each Magic holds 50 ammo each.

blue zone bomb

The bomb that creates a blue zone up to 10m can be used to lure enemies out or kill them inside as it deals 10 damage in line with 2d.

The blue area stays for 5 seconds and then starts declining for another 5 seconds and then really disappears. Damage can also accumulate, if you are already in a blue zone and someone throws a blue sector bomb at you, the damage from the two blue zones will be an effect.

The bomb will no longer explode under water but can be near water and all people within the area will be damaged.

Patch 13.2 Vehicles


A completely new car was added in the sport, a porter, that is, a pickup truck only on the Tango.

The porter is a Hyundai truck that was first launched in 1977, it is an all wheeled pressurized vehicle that can seat four passengers, the luggage compartment device is available and the capacity is 400, the maximum speed of the car is 130 km/h, it has a power of 1200 hp.

trunk system

By implementing the all-new trunk gadget, you can keep a very desirable ton that allows you to win on the go, and use the trunk as part of the porter to buy things, but if the car is damaged as well as the things stored in the cabin.

Although any objects can be kept in the luggage compartment, players will ensure the weight of miscellaneous items as many heavy items may not be able to load them on the porter.

Apart from the guns and engines that have been brought into the game, every other sports mode has also been delivered to the struggle ground unknown to the players, the casual mode, it is a sports mode where players can play sports and have fun without having to become aggressive.

Play up to three bouts per day in Singles / Duos / Teams where you will be placed in a range of a maximum of 12 players.

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