Top 10 Strongest Haikyuu Characters and the Most Skilled in The Anime

Strongest and The Most Skilled Haikyuu Characters in The Anime

In this post, we are going to be talking about the Strongest and the Most Skilled Haikyuu Characters in The Anime. Note: We will only be talking about the players and characters we know about after watching Season 4 of the Anime. There won’t be any Manga Spoilers or something of that sort.

Top 10 Strongest and The Most Skilled Haikyuu Characters in The Anime

There are actually a lot of strong players in Haikyuu but we will be ranking players who are skilled in a lot of aspects like Spikes, Defense, and setting skills. So don’t be sad if your favorite character is not at the top.

However, there will only be players from Highschool who are currently active according to the anime. So get ready for the list of Top 10 Strongest and the Most Skilled Haikyuu Characters in the Anime. 

Update: We are also going to include some of the special entries in the list who are very good in their own way but the others were just better.

12Tetsuro Kuroo

Tetsuro might not be the strongest Haikyuu player or the most skilled but he definitely deserves some recognition. He is also the captain of Nekoma High School and a Middle Blocker for the team. He in fact is a very good defender.

His defending ability is such that the better the spiker is, the better his defense will be. With his Jumps, he is able to block attackers who are taller than him. He is one of the best Defenders and one of the most skilled and strongest characters in Haikyuu who specializes in Defense.

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11Aran Ojiro

Aran was also a very powerful ace of his team and maybe top 5 in the entire country. The only thing holding him back is his attacks were mostly simple with only brute force driving it. And with his good jumping height, he is also able to spike from above the blockers.

He does have a good jumping height but is often overlooked due to others just being better than him. He is also not that good at receiving or setting that’s why he’s unfortunately not top 10 in the list of strongest haikyuu players.

10Yu Nishinoya

Nishinoya is known as the Guardian Deity of Karasuno. Without him being the Libero half the strength of Karasuno’s defense crumbles. He might be short, but he’s full of energy and the never give up attitude.

Although he is not the strongest and the Most Skilled Haikyuu Character due to his short height he is one of the best Liberos in the National Tournament. He is also very hardworking, once it is shown that he practiced 200 blocks receives to the point his legs stopped working.

Although he might be full of confidence and doesn’t fear anything, he’s shown to accept the fact he was a scaredy-cat once and he overcame it with his grandpa’s help. He is a very strong entry to our list of Most Skilled Haikyuu Players.

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