The developers confirm that the investigation into the Maneater Save File Deletion Bug is still happening


Maneater was only released a day in the past for PC, PS4, and Xbox one. Open world shark game allows players to control a bull shark girl and on the course of the game, she will evolve into an adult megalodon.

The players who controlled to get their arms in the newly released game have already started their journey of chewing humans and other fishes.

But, as the big players start playing the game, they notice the main problem. Disgruntled gamers are taking to Reddit to express their concern about a malicious program that appears to be deleting your saved document.

In extreme cases, players report game crashes. And after the collapse, she lacked stored entertainment.

The problem with saving documents missing appears to be affecting PS4 users. At the moment, there are no reports from PC or Xbox One having a similar issue.

Maneater misses file save issue on PS4

Given the lack of any reports from users on other systems, we are left to expect that the official lacking the difficulty of deciding the Store will be the most effective in influencing PS4 customers.

As more and more game enthusiasts start playing the game, reports about the problem are increasing. For example, one person has reached stage 17 in the game which is the best to come back later to find that their saved sport is lacking.

There is no point in mentioning such a problem in the game that will infuriate many fans. Moreover, interactive tripwire-sports developers are just to deal with the problem.

Although there is more than one review, the builders are silent about this issue. Affected users will likely have to wait for a patch to be released to fix the device lacking store history issue.

Maneater problem “save file delete bug”

Since the launch of this game, players have been dealing with a worm that causes deletion in saved sports documents.

It’s miles so frustrating that the way players complete sports, upgrade their items, unlock fully, and run into problems due to this computer virus.

This time, after the release of the all-new DLC, players are dealing with a major full game crash of the all-file deletion disaster.

Specifically, when a participant swims toward a DLC episode, they are going through that breakdown. However, there is a good chunk of relevant information as well.

The developers of this game have certainly answered that they are investigating the root cause of this malware and can remedy it as soon as possible.

Although some players have also noted that if someone saves their files using cloud saves, they won’t have this problem anymore.

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