The 5 most expensive things you can sell in Stardew Valley 1.5


Making money in Stardew Valley can be tough in the early years. Promoting and hunting every forage flower you spot until the day is over is tough, and you’ll need to live as long as you can to be able to start attracting the big bucks.

Early leisure growers will dream of the days when they can start selling things like wine, diamonds, and various expensive items.

However, what is the quality of things for sale? In terms of route, earnings, purchase fees, and availability play an important role, however, which items are you actually promoting for the best price ever?

Here are the top 10, some of which require proven skills or careers. Now that games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons are making headlines and turning everyone into their lovable sandbox simulator, there’s no better time to show you just how relevant Stardew Valley can be. For those looking for a game as addictive as today’s Nintendo title, this is the way to go.

However, Stardew Valley has a lot of content and mechanics that not many beginners will be familiar with.

Cash in particular is an undertaking that must be made, but as long as the player is aware of the products he must be aware that they may be made by a financial institution.

Stardew Valley got every other big update, this update adds a lot of the latest content stuff. We’ve updated this list to include a number of these content materials, as well as a few different tools that have been in the sport for some time now.

Stardew Valley 5 Most Expensive Items for Sale

The initial is an ostrich egg, which may be received with the help of identifying secret number 10 or from chests inside the volcano dungeon.

You’ll need to help Professor Snail finish off the fossil tools on the island workplace to hatch an ostrich egg, though.

However, the eggs themselves sell for a little gold, 600 grams with a basic fee, and up to 440 grams of high-quality iridium with the farmer’s profession.

But, throw them straight into the mayonnaise machine and they will produce ten batches of the same exceptional mayonnaise.

Radiant bars

In rails ferries, metal rails are the new king in Stardo Valley 1.5. Radiant bars can bring in a certain huge profit, with each piece selling for three thousand gold.

It is very easy to grind metal bars. So grinding and promoting radioactive bars may be an effective way to earn gold in the game.

Sweet Jewel Berry

Stardew Valley Berry Candy 1. Five allows you to mix 3,000 gold bars for casual fun.

By producing a medium sweet gem berry, you can produce up to 6000 gold. It will take 24 days for it to fully mature.

fish legend

Hunting as a task also plays an essential role in Stardew Valley. In ferries from different stages of fish, the legendary fish is standing on top for being the most expensive fish in the game.

With the help of fishing cute legendary fish every day you can win 7500 gold. However, if you cross to get the premium iridium legend, you can promote it for 15,000 gold.

Earlier, you could catch one of all the legendary fish better, but with the advent of the modern fish 1. Five replace in Stardo Valley, you can go to a lengthy circle of kin requests.

So, while this mission is active, you can catch an unusual type of each legendary fish.

starfruit wine

Wine production is like any other way to make gold in sports. In addition, the wine was given a variety. On freight ferries, the best iridium wine can yield up to 6,300 gold.

Although producing quality iridium wine can take some time, the amount of gold you can earn by promoting it makes it well worth the time.

tiger slime eggs

Slime eggs in the game can also help you to earn large amount of gold. With 1. Five updates appearing, you can now hunt for slime tiger eggs.

An unmarried tiger slime egg will allow you to earn about eight thousand gold. It is not difficult to spot those eggs. However, to win those, you’ll want to defeat the tiger slime on Gingerbread Island.

The cost of falling is likely to be very low, therefore, we suggest that you use an anti-theft ring, to double the probability of items by beating the mud.

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