Solo Leveling Chapter 126 English Raw Scans, Spoilers Release Date

Solo Leveling Chapter 126 English Raw Scans, Spoilers Release Date

The events just took a turn for the worse, the god statue has finally left his throne and is ready to engage Jin-Woo. The upcoming Solo Leveling Chapter 126 English version will tell us more on how hunter Sung fares against the god statue.

Solo Leveling Season 2 is finally reaching the good part where Jin-Woo will get to know more about his powers and why is he the only one to interact with the system and what’s the end goal here?

Solo Leveling anime is rumored to be announced soon, so we might see our favorite manhwa getting animated. Jin- Woo vs the system and Yuri Orlov vs Japan’s S-rank dungeon will be great to read in the upcoming chapters.

Today we share all the details regarding Solo Leveling 126 raw scans and its spoilers in English. But before we move on to the events of the upcoming Solo Leveling chapter, let’s take a quick recap of the last chapter first.

As we shared in our last spoilers article, Yuri Orlov has arrived at Japan airport and a horde of reporters are surrounding him to know his plans about sealing the S-rank gate.

Yuri will soon be taken to a nearby TV station where his interview will be taken. Meanwhile, Jin-Woo is engaging the stone statues inside the double gate dungeon and with his demon king shortsword in his hand, he is having no problem.

But is it that easy? Obviously not! The god statue that was sitting on the throne has finally made his move and the statue is so huge that it’s smallest movement makes the whole dungeon shake.

While the angel statue sits back with a creepy smile on his face, the fight will be between Jin-woo and the god statue now. But the fight is not going to be easy for sure. If this is the system that granted Jin-Woo the powers then it will not be an easy fight.

But no one knows for sure. But we do, and we have shared spoilers down below for you to check.

Manga chapters like One Piece 994 and Black Clover 270 will also be releasing soon so make sure to check them out. Now, let’s get started.

Solo Leveling 126 Raw Scans Release Date

Those who are eagerly waiting to read the upcoming chapter, they will have to wait a while because the raw scans have not been released yet. The English chapters are only available to read once the raw is out.

All the Solo Leveling raw scans are officially released on Kakaopage official website. We expect the Solo Leveling Chapter 126 raw scans to be released online on 4th November 2020.

All the latest details regarding the raw scans are shared on Reddit, so make sure to join the subreddit for all the latest information.

Once the raw scans are out, scanlation teams start translating the chapter so that fans from not only Korea, but all over the world can read the chapter. French and English chapters are first to get released online.

We have shared all the details regarding the English Solo Leveling manga 126 down below for everyone to read. So check it out and here’s the timing according to different timezones.

  • PT- 9AM-1PM
  • ET- 12PM-5PM
  • IST- 9PM-11PM

The timings are not a hundred percent accurate, it may differ by one or half-hour. So keep checking continuously. Also, make sure to check our article on Dragon Ball Super Season 2 while you wait.

Read Solo Leveling Chapter 126 English Spoilers

The spoilers are finally here, Jin-Woo will be fighting the god statue in the upcoming chapter to know the answers to all his questions. What is the system? What’s it role in the hunter system and why is Jin-Woo the only one to interact with them?

All the questions will be answered once this fight is over. But the current fight is going to be long and exhausting and once this fight ends, we will know all the secrets of the system.

  • Jin-feels the darkness below his feet and raises his head upward only to find the god statue staring down.
  • The god statue swings his arm down and it makes a thud sound as Jin-Woo rolls away.
  • Hundred or so surviving statues start running towards Jin-Woo and the fight once again starts.
  • Jin-Woo suddenly feels the god statue making his move.
  • As he raises his head, he sees the eye of the god statue looking red.
  • Two red laser beams shoot from the statue’s eye and Jin-Woo uses his rulers reach to grab the stone statues as shield.
  • Just now, his rulers reach upgrade to rulers authority.
  • Jin-woo now realizes that taking care of the god statue should be his priority.
  • He now knew his goal, before the god statue can shoot the next laser beam, he must act.
  • Jin-Woo arrives at the feet of the god statue with his skill quicksilver and jumps up with all his strength.
  • Even though he has great power, it’s hard to move freely in air.
  • But Jin-Woo was ready to take the risk.
  • He flies up and speaks “just get destroyed already”.

So this is what we have for the English spoilers right now. We will update this article once we know how much will be covered in the upcoming Solo leveling 126 chapter.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends so that they can read some of the early spoilers.

Solo Leveling Manga 126 English Chapter Release Date

You might know this by now but there is no official English release of Solo Leveling manhwa. We only get to read the Eng chapter once the raw scans get translated.

Once the raw scans are out, the translations begin and the English chapters get released two or three hours after that. Solo Leveling Ch 126 will be released on 4th November, the same day as the raw scans.

No official site is available for the Eng chapter so you will have to search it online. But we will be soon updating the spoilers so that you get to read all that will be happening in the upcoming Solo Leveling 126.

Let us know what you think about the upcoming chapter in the comments down below and check out our articles on unOrdinary anime and Chainsaw man anime as they will releasing very soon.

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