Solo Leveling Chapter 125 English Raw Scans, Spoilers Available Now

Solo Leveling Chapter 125 English Raw Scans, Spoilers Available Now

Jin-Woo is finally back at the same place where it all started, the temple of Kartenon. Upcoming Solo Leveling Chapter 125 raw scans and English chapter is going to release soon and only then we get to see what happens inside.

The last time Jin-Woo entered the temple, he was a D-rank but now things are different. He is now even beyond the S-rank and he is the only one who knows about the system and that gives him the advantage.

Solo Leveling manhwa is getting interesting because we have two different scenarios going at the same time. The newly opened S-rank dungeon that opened in the skies of Tokyo and Jin-Woo’s quest in the Kartenon temple.

Watching Jin-Woo finally reveal the secrets of the Kartenon temple and what is the system and why is he the only person to be able to interact with the system.

Today we share Solo Leveling 125 English spoilers down below for everyone to check so that you can get a vague idea of what might happen in the upcoming chapter. If you wish to not read spoilers, then feel free to close this page once you check the official release date of Chapter 125.

Solo Leveling Chapter 125

In the last chapter we see Yuri Orlov extending his offer to save Japan for a measly amount of 3.6 Billion Dollar per year. Even though it’s a huge amount, it’s nothing compared to the economy of Japan.

Yuri Orlov even demonstrated his skills in front of the so called S-rank hunters who froze on the spot unable to move. Japan is facing a dire situation and not having any national rank hunter, they desperately need help from foreign hunters.

After the Kamish and Jeju island arc, no country is ready to volunteer their hunters to help Japan because they know the risks of facing an S-rank dungeon. So Japan has no other option but to hire Yuri Orlov and pay him whatever amount he is asking for.

Meanwhile Jin-Woo has also entered the Kartenon temple and will facing the so called system that gave him the powers he now possess. The upcoming few chapters of the Solo Leveling manhwa will be full of excitement and we can’t wait to read them.

Also, there is news going around that Solo Leveling Season 1 might be getting animated very soon and if it does happen, we will finally watch Jin-Woo on the big screen.

So let’s not waste any more time and get on with the article.

Solo Leveling Chapter 124 Raw Scans

The Solo Leveling manhwa has been adapted from the light novel which acts as the source for all the chapters. Solo Leveling being a Korean web-novel, even the manhwa chapters get released in the Korean language first.

The Korean chapters get translated so that fans from all over the world can read them and thus the English Solo Leveling chapters get released. Solo Leveling 125 raw scans will be released on 28th October 2020 and will be available to read officially on the Kakaopage website.

Once the raw scans get released, various scanlation teams start translating the chapter. The upcoming chapter 125 aka Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 15 will uncover the secrets of the Kartenon temple and we have shared some spoilers for the upcoming chapter down below for all of you to read.

Here’s the timing for the release of the upcoming chapter depending on different timezones.

  • Pacific Time- Between 9 PM-1 PM
  • Eastern Time- Between 12 PM-4 PM
  • Indian Standard Time- 8 PM-12 PM

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Solo Leveling 125 English Raw Scans

We expected the last chapter will cover Yuri Orlov’s arrival in Japan, but the author decided to show Jin-Woo’s entering the Kartenon temple first. All the spoilers we have shared here has been taken from the web-novel.

Since we don’t know what the next arc will cover, will Chapter 125 be about Jin-Woo fighting the creatures inside the temple or Yuri Orlov preparation to enter Japan?

So we will cover a little bit of both starting with Yuri Orlov’s entry into Japan and then the events happening inside the temple.

  • Japan decides to accept Yuri Orlov’s demands.
  • Yuri and the S-rank hunters from Japan arrive at the Japan airport and there’s a lot of media reporters waiting for them.
  • As they get out of the airplane, flashes from the reporters camera go off.
  • Yuri and the fellow hunters soon exit the airport and he is taken to a nearby Tv station where an interview will be held.
  • Once they arrive at the Tv station, the interview starts.
  • The reporter asks Yuri how he plans to stop the S-rank gate and the magic creatures from pouring out and creating havoc.
  • Yuri reveals how he plans to use his magical barrier to seal the gate, thus blocking the exit.
  • Yuri’s magic barrier absorbs magic energy from their surrounding to strengthen the barrier thus making it stronger.
  • Since the S-rank gate will be brimming with magical energy, the barrier will absorb energy from it and be invincible and unbreakable.

Now let’s talk about Jin-Woo entering the temple.

  • The stone status with the stone tablet looks at Jin-Woo with a grin and speaks “You’ve arrived”.
  • The stone statue starts moving towards Jin-Woo, the only difference between this and other statues is that it has six wings on his back.
  • Jin-Woo retreats and summons his shortsword and assumes a fighting stance.
  • It’s different from the first time since he entered this dungeon, he is not stronger and intends to finish the fight this time.
  • The angel status starts smiling loudly after watching Jin-Woo assuming the fighting stance.
  • We thought that the stone tablet must mean something but the statue tosses it out after it gets damaged by Jin-Woo’s shortsword.
  • Even Jin-Woo realizes that the stone tablet had no meaning at all and there were no rules embedded on it.
  • Now Jin-Woo grew even more curious about the things that started happening to him once he exited the temple.
  • Jin-Woo asks “Were you the one who called me?”.
  • The angel statue speaks “That’s correct, you have done well to get here”.

So these are some of the spoilers for the upcoming chapter. We will update this section once we get more information about the upcoming chapter or when Solo leveling Chapter 125 raw scans get released.

Solo Leveling Manga 125 English Chapter Release Date

As we already mentioned above, there is no official English release for Solo Leveling manga. To those who wish to read the English Chapter, only fan translations are available.

So once the raw scans are out on the Kakaopage website, the fans translations start and the English chapter gets released few hours after the raw scans.

The Solo Leveling 125 English chapter will be released on the same day i.e October 28, 2020. Unfortunately, no official website is available for English manhwa chapters, you will have to read it on fan-made websites.

So this was our article on the upcoming Solo Leveling chapter, do let us know your views in the comments down below, and also check our article on God Of High School Season 2 as it will be releasing very soon.

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