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Solo Leveling Chapter 124 English Raw Scans, Spoilers Released!

After getting denied by so many nations, Yuri Oklov has finally decided to help out Japan, but at what cost? For 10 million dollars per day and only the upcoming Solo Leveling Chapter 124 raw or English spoilers will tell us if he will be able to do so.

The biggest S-rank gate seen ever has opened on top of Tokyo and if nothing is done to stop it, all of Japan will be wiped of the map and the calamity might spread to other nations as well.

Solo Leveling manhwa has been releasing one great chapter another and the last chapter 123 was obviously one of the best chapters in the last few weeks because of Hunter Cha’s embarrassed look on her face after noticing Jin-Woo.

Fans are showing their huge support for the last chapter on Twitter and are eagerly waiting to get it animated in Solo Leveling anime so that they can see it in on the big screen.

Solo Leveling Chapter 124

Today we bring you the Solo Leveling 124 English raw and confirmed spoilers so that you can get an idea of what will be happening in he upcoming chapter even before it gets released.

Also, if you are someone who doesn’t like reading spoilers before the official release, then we ask you to close this article after checking the release date of Chapter 123 below.

While Japan is facing a huge predicament like this, stronger countries like America and China have decided to not send any support. America is known to not send any of his hunter outside the country after the Kamish incident but this time even China has declined.

One person stood up to help Japan in this dire situation but will he be enough? What abilities does Yuri Oklov has and how does he plan to stop or clear the newly opened S-rank gate on top of Tokyo?

Today in this article we will be discussing Yuri Oklov’s ability, what he plans to do and the fact that if he will be enough?

So let’s not waste any more time and get started with the details of the upcoming chapter, but before that make sure to check our articles on Boruto Chapter 51 and Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65 as they will be releasing pretty soon.

Solo Leveling Chapter 124 Raw Scans Release

The Solo Leveling Season 2 Episode 14 will be releasing soon, but since there is no official English release of the chapter, fans tend to look for Solo Leveling raw scans more.

Solo Leveling manhwa is initially released in Korean language which then scanlators use to translate the chapter to English. So the korean released chapters act as the raw scans in this case.

You can expect the Solo Leveling 124 Raw scans to get released on Wednesday October 21st, 2020. We have shared the release time for the fans living in different timezones down below.

  • IST Time- 8PM-11PM
  • PDT- 10AM- 1PM
  • Eastern Time- 12PM-3PM

The scanlation teams start translating the chapter to English for all the international readers as soon as it gets released. Make sure to check the release date of English chapter down below.

Read Solo Leveling 124 English Spoilers

Chapter 124 will cover Yuri Oklov’s arrival in Japan and how he plans to deal with the situation and what is Jin-Woo doing in Japan? Does he plan to help or has Korea decided to stay away from Japan’s affairs as well?

There spoilers have been taken from the Solo Leveling light novel so they are confirmed spoilers. I will try to not spoil much so you still enjoy the manhwa chapter when it gets released.

  • Most of Jin-Woo’s class level skills have increased. Most of his passive and active skills have scaled to max.
  • The max level for a skill is 3, and once a skill reaches that level, it can’t be increased any more.
  • His skill dash evolved to quicksilver and dagger throw into Dagger rush.
  • He notices a skill known as Unknown and nothing about it is given there.
  • Jin Woo plays with his demon king shortsword while laying in his bed.
  • Hunter woo starts remembering the things hunter Cha told her.
  • What is this power she was talking about? Was she referring to the system?
  • Jin-woo stares a bit into the air and then picks the phone to call Jin-Ho.
  • This time, Jin-woo asks Jin-Ho to book all the high level ranks spawing in the.
  • Yu Jin-Ho gets excited and nods his head while saying “Got it!”.
  • A huge crowd has gathered in front of the Japanese airport, all to meet Yuri Oklov.
  • Japanese hunters are escorting the Russian hunters out of the airport.
  • Yuri Oklov is then taken to a nearby Tv station for a live interview.
  • The interview then starts and the reporter has all kinds of questions for him.
  • The first question being, how does he intend to stop the gate opening on top of Tokyo.
  • Orlov explans a little bit of his powers and how he is going to put a barrier enveloping the gate.
  • But how will be maintain the barrier at all time? He explains that once the barrier is put, the barrier will start drawing magic energy from the surrounding and strengthening itself.
  • They soon realize that the S-rank gate is so powerful and dense in magic that the barrier will keep borrowing it power to shut it for eternity.

So these are the intital spoilers for now. We will keep update the spoilers soon so keep an eye out and don’t forget to bookmark this article.

Solo Leveling Manga 123 Release Date

As we explained earlier, there is no official release. So what it means that is there no official English chapter to get released online. But once the Solo Leveling raw gets released, the scanlators translate the chapter and we get to read the English version.

The English chapter of upcoming Solo Leveling 123 will be released on 21st October, two or three hours after the raw scans are released.

Even though there is no official website to read the English chapter, you can read all the raw scans on the Kakaopage website.

We will keep you updated in case we get any new information regarding the upcoming Solo Leveling chapter. Stay tuned and also check our articles on Vinland Saga Season 2 and unOrdinary anime.

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