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Solo Leveling Chapter 118 Spoilers, Raw Scans Release Date

Jin-ah is finally in danger since the orcs have made their way in to the isolated classroom and now only Solo Leveling Chapter 118 will reveal if the hunter association will come to their rescue or if it will be Sung jin-woo.

Jin-woo is currently with the hunters guild at Busan and they are preparing to enter the newly found A rank dungeon. Hunter Orcs have attacked the school and unless the hunter association or Jin-woo arrives soon, all the students will be killed together with Jin-Ah and it’s surely something we all don’t want.

Solo leveling 118 raw scans are our only way of knowing what might happen in the upcoming chapter and that is why fans eagerly waiting for the raw scans to be released and translated to English versions.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Episode 8 will feature Orc’s attacking Jin-Ah and it will be a treat to see who comes first to the rescue. Will it be the hunter association or will Jin-woo come personally abandoning his raid with the Knight’s guild? Or is there a third option where the shadows arrive to save her?

Solo Leveling 118

The upcoming chapter is going to be an interesting one and today we will be discussing the upcoming spoilers and English raw scans release date for the upcoming Solo Leveling Chapter.

There are also some rumors of Solo Leveling Anime season 1 getting announced soon floating around, so if you are a big fan of the manhua and want it to get animated, check out the link, and don’t forget to sign the petition (we have included the link to petition in the anime article). This could be one of the Netflix originals besides the upcoming Baki Season 4.

[Update]- Less than 3 hours remain before the English chapter gets released, the official spoilers are down below for every one of you to read.

We will keep updating this article to stay updated and Solo Leveling 119 spoilers will be available in my upcoming article once chapter 118 gets released.

Solo Leveling Chapter 118 Release Date

Solo Leveling Season 2 started with a bang and the author has kept the momentum going and releasing one badass chapter after another. The upcoming Solo Leveling 118 will be officially released on 7th September 2020 and according to my timeline, it’s a Wednesday.

The time of release might be different for everyone, for the Eastern Pacific timeline it’s around 12-1:00 PM and fans living in Pacific time can expect the chapter to release on September 9th around 10:30-12:00 PM.

Since there is no official English release, we mostly depend on fan translations and for that we need the raw scans to be leaked. All the details regarding Chapter 118 raw scans have been shared down below for everyone to check.

Manga chapters like One Piece 990 and Black Clover 264 will also be releasing next week, so it will be a great idea to check them out if you are fan of them, otherwise ignore!

Also, Spoiler alert for everyone who doesn’t want to read official spoilers before the release of the official chapter. So click away from this chapter because we will be sharing Solo Leveling manga 118 spoilers down below for everyone to read.

But before, let’s do a recap of the last chapter to jog your memory.

Solo Leveling 117 Recap:

They are naturally gifted hunters, Orc scouts come out from the reverse gate that opened in the Jin-ah’s school. Orcs are brutish and aggressive versions of a goblin and almost look like a human. Even though they are not intelligent, they far exceed human kind when it comes to hunting and tracking and that is why they are superior fighters.

The gate at the school has been active for almost a week, but the orcs have been laying low suppressing their instincts because they are just scouts and prioritized their mission.

Once they had enough information, they came out. Their aim is to slaughter all the life in that building and use it as their fort and only then they start hunting outside.

Orcs finally start hunting and all the school is in danger. Students are being murdered and there’s no one to help. One of the students muster up some courage and call the hunter association hotline while hiding in a washroom stall.

The lady at hunter association ensures that a group of hunters will be arriving soon to help them while she asks here to identify the monsters. The lady gets killed since Orcs can smell blood and continue their rampage.

A group of students shut themselves in a room and try to block the door with chairs but Orcs still make it through. Orcs identify that one of the students is emitting magic energy and it’s none other than Jin-ah, sister of S rank hunter Jin-woo.

Jin-Woo has arrived at the gate in Busan, the collection, mining, and assault team from the Knight’s guild is there as well. 13 A rank and 20 B rank hunters are present there. Everyone is fan boying at the sight of Jin-woo arriving and ask if he is going to be leading the raid today.

Park Jong-Soo the guild master of the Knight’s guild intervene and announces that he will be leading the raid and Jin-woo will be guarding the rear.

A newbie that just joined the Knight’s guild intervenes and declares that he is not any less than Jin-woo and starts talking big.

So this is how last chapter ended and now fans are eagerly waiting for the Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 118 spoilers to be released online and we have listed them below for all of you to read.

Read Solo Leveling 118 Spoilers

As we already mentioned above, if you dont want the upcoming chapter spoiled, then please close this article and don’t read any further.

So these are the official spoilers for the upcoming chapter 118 of Solo Leveling season 2.

What will happen at the school?

  • Orcs make their way to the top floor where the third-year students are. These third-year students include Jin-woo’s sister Jin-ah.
  • One Orc smashes the gate away, students are huddled up in the corner of the class, one tries to get away through the window but another Orc is there and smashes the head of this student with his axe.
  • Now both Orc’s surround the students. Instantly they sense magical energy coming from a student “Jin-Ah”.
  • One Orc brings Jin-ah to the front by forcing her by hands. Just when they were going to attack, three high-orcs appear from her shadow.
  • These are high-orcs, different than these normal scout orcs.
  • These orcs are the bodyguards of the High orc shaman that turned into Tusk. So these are obviously very strong.
  • One of them holds one of the orcs by the head and strike and kill him in one shot.
  • Everyone is confused as to what just happened, but Jin-ah instantly knew that those shadows had something to do with his oppa Jin-woo.
  • The remaining orcs get destroyed as well. But soon there are noises of many footsteps coming up the stairs, so the students and the shadows get ready.
Solo Leveling Chapter 118

What is happening at the Busan A-rank gate?

  • Jin-woo and the Knight’s guild enter the gate. At the start of the gate they get greeted by a two-headed ogre.
  • The ogre seems strong but the Knight guild groups up and Park Jung-soo acts as the tank and they floor the monster easily while Jin-woo stands on the sidelines.
  • They move forward and find out that it’s the dungeon of the undead. Creatures like Vampires, Lich, and ghoul suddenly appear but get defeated instantly.
  • The dungeon is looking easy and there is a good atmosphere around everyone.
  • Everyone starts moving forward, Jung-soo has a grin on his face since he just defeated the two heades ogre and the raid is going great under his leadership.
  • Suddenly Jin-woo stops and he has a very serious look on his face, The members of Knight guild are confused as to what happened and scared at the same time as well.
  • Jin-woo senses the threat at the school and decides to leave the raid. He in exchange summons his strongest shadow “Beru”.
  • Strong evil energy is oozing from Beru and it makes everyone wary and scared.
  • He also summons twenty more soldier ants to keep company and orders Beru to keep everyone safe and take care of the rest in any way he wants.
  • Beru grows excited, since it will be the first time he will be able to fight freely after becoming a shadow.

So this is what happens in the upcoming Solo Leveling Chapter 118 and I am sure I might have even spoiled something from the Solo Leveling Chapter 119. So sorry for that because I don’t know how much Chapter 118 will cover.

Stay tuned and let us know about your views in the comments below about the upcoming Solo Leveling Chapter.

Solo Leveling Manga 118 Raw Scans Release Date

The raw scans for Solo Leveling 118 will be releasing around 7th September 2020. Since there is no official release, you can check them on the Kakaopage website.

The raw scans start getting translated as soon as they get leaked. So the English chapter will be available soon for everyone of you to read. Unfortunately we cannot share the website links for the English translation, search for it on Google and you will easily find one.

A fellow manhwa, Tower of god chapter 486 will also be returning soon as TOG author is on a break. Tower of god season 2 will also be releasing spring 2021 so mark your calendars.

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