Solo Level Up Chapter 140 coming out February 17th – here’s what you need to know


The previous chapter ends with Sung Jin-Woo, who gives his friend Jinho an early birthday present. Although Jinho actually doesn’t know this. But sooner or later, he will definitely discover that Sung-Jin Woo is the one who rescued his father from his last sleep. The story is now heading into a new arc. Readers are now looking forward to reading Chapter 140.

Moreover, according to the dream that Mrs. Selner dreamed of, National Hunter Christopher Reed is in danger. They might summon Sung Jin-Woo to take care of Chris. Whatever the case, Chris doesn’t seem very happy about it.

Solo Level Up Chapter 140

Most likely, we’ll see a massive development in Jin-ho’s personality. Who felt as if he had lost his father. Upon discovering that saving his father was doing Sung-Jin woo – we may see Jinho’s relationship with Hunter Jin.

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On the other hand, the story focuses again on sending Sung Jin-woo to America. “What awaits there” is still a question? Well whatever the case, I’m sure our hunter will take it.

Where to read Singles Settlement Season Two Chapter 140?

Webtoon Solo Leveling follows the weekly schedule to launch a new chapter every Thursday according to Korean Standard Time. Single Level, Chapter 2 of Chapter 140 will be released on February 18, 2021. You can officially read the chapter online at Kakao Page Magazine.

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Solo Leveling Chapter 140 will be out on February 17th – here’s what you need to know that debuted on Spoiler Guy.

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