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SNK Attack On Titan Chapter 133 Raw Scans And Release Date

With another phenomenal chapter from Isayama, fans are bewildered. People can’t wait to read Attack On Titan Chapter 133 and the raw scans ar egoing to drop soon together with the spoilers and we are here to tell you all about it.

Isayama notified us that we are in the endgame now. There are about 3-5 chapters left for this series. The series will either end in December or continue until 2021 and fill the final volume. The ending is very near and fans are hoping for a prologue.

As you saw, the Airplane left in the last chapter. Eren’s side has already been cleared and now the Rebel side is ready too. All that is left is the final showdown, starting from Attack On Titan 133. The journey is at its climactic portion and we still don’t know how this is going to end. But every day, fans are discovering easter eggs from the series.

Attack On Titan Chapter 133

A lot of discussions are going on the internet about the upcoming Shingeki No Kyojin 133 raw scans and when the spoilers are supposed to be drop and today we will be discussing them in detail.

Attack On Titan Chapter 133 Release Date:

AOT Chapter 133 will be released in October. The Snk raw scans will probably come out within the first week of October. The worded spoilers arrive first, followed by leaks, followed by scanlations.

Attack On Titan 133 raw scans and fan translations are expected to be out by the second week of October, courtesy of the Liberio Linguists group. You can also wait for the volume release to read the official version.

No official release date has been announced yet but we will include it here once we get some concrete information. Meanwhile, you should check our articles on Boruto Chapter 51 and Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65.

Attack On Titan 132 Recap:

The Rebel team travels by ship and notice that most people have evacuated the nearby regions. Old Azumabito desperately hopes they can saves Hizuru city. Meanwhile the men are busy with the airship. Armin proposes that they can hurl the explosives towards Eren.

In a cabin, Falco laments the death of all his people – Marley has been destroyed. Pieck has lost hope as well. Near the ship, Mikasa meets with Annie. The latter has given up and doesn’t wish to board the airship. She has no more wishes of saving humanity. She believes that the Eldians in Marley have no more hope of surviving. All she wants is some peace.

Mikasa notices Annie’s obvious feelings for Armin but doesn’t pry. Annie asks once more what Mikasa will do against Eren. Mikasa won’t kill – she simply wants the old Eren back and until then, she won’t wear her scarf. Levi gets up as well and decides to fight.

In a flashback, Eren is shown to be planning. In presence of Yelena and Floch, he laid out his plans. His only concern is the aerospace lab in the Southern Marleyan Mountains. In the present, Yelena reveals this to the rebel group – Eren’s next target is Satrayose. Eren plans to wipe of any weapon that can stop the Colossal titans. After Satrayose, he will destroy Karifa Airbase.

Yelena is cooperating because she is a believer of Zeke’s Euthanasia Plan. She still believes Zeke was right, even though he lost to Eren. At the airbase, Pieck leaves the kids to Azumabito. The next day, they’re all ready to move out. Even Levi will fight. Annie bids them farewell.

As they’re about to leave, Floch jumps in. He had held on to the ship. Floch shoots desperately at the ship and damages the fuel tank. However Mikasa kills him immediately. It will take an hour to repair the ship. But the problem is, the Colossal titans have arrived.

Hange moves in to buy time. She promotes Armin, making him the final commander of the Survey Corps. She bids farewell to Levi and moves out to hold back the Colossal Titans. Her strength is immense- she manages to collapse a couple of titans on her own. But eventually she falls and a titan crushes her.

The ship moves out safely and so does the airplane. The dead Hanji has a vision of her deceased Squadmates. The former survey corps members welcome her to the afterlife.

Attack On Titan 133 Spoilers:

As of now, manga spoilers are not out. They’re not supposed to arrive until October, since this is a monthly series. You can expect leaks of AOT 133 to arrive within October’s first week. It takes about 3 days for the English scans to arrive.

Keep an eye on our website. We will upload the leaks and spoilers in this section.

Attack On Titan Chapter 133 Discussion:

Not much is left to the series – Attack On Titan 133 will probably be the chapter where the allied force finally faces Eren. The plan is afoot and the allied force wants to use bombs to kill the Original Titan thus defeating Eren. With the Founding Titan down, the Colossals will cease the rumbling. Humanity will be saved, partially.

The fanbase still stands divided – it’s a grey area for us all. The debate keeps going on and both sides stick to their ideals. Even in the latest chapter, we saw Hanji face reality once more. She learned Zeke’s plan again. And all she could think of is that she is helpless, answerless. We still stand with Eren, the guy who decides to act, instead of getting steamrolled by the rest of the world.

Shingeki No Kyojin Chapter 133 scans will show us more of Mikasa and Armin. Eren-Armin-Mikasa – this trio is one of the key pieces of the story and their final altercation is something we are all waiting for. Eren will never kill them since he is doing this for them. Mikasa still plans to bring the old Eren back, which is simply avoiding reality. Armin on the other hand is more prepared and wants to throw bombs on Eren.

Now the story revolves somewhat around Satrayose. What does that lab have? Is it so important that Eren must destroy it? What kind of a weapon can stop this rumbling? These are some questions that will be dealt with in the upcoming Attack On Titan 133 raw scans. Satrayose will be an important plot point.

There’s still no news regarding the next season of Attack On Titan anime but popular anime titles like Dragon Ball Super Season 2 and Kengan Ashura Season 3 will be announced soon for everyone to check.

We will let you know the official release date of Attack On Titan Chapter 133 when released and all the information regarding English raw scans and spoilers will be updated here once out.

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