Shingeki no Kyojin Author, Kawakubo Shintaro Shares Update on Attack on Titan Chapter 137


Attack on Titan manga is nearing its climax with 3 chapters left for plot. The previous chapter of the manga adds more drama and tension to Eren and the decisive Alliance battle. According to the latest update from Kawakubo Shintaro, Attack on Titan Chapter 137 has already been implemented. The crew is now ready to work on the final second chapter of Shingeki no Kyojin manga.

The tweet translates, “Attack on Titan” manga for March issue is now over! Thank you for your hard work, Mr. Isayama. Please look forward to it! Moreover, there will be a full-color sequence from the March issue. Please look forward to that.

This post includes spoilers, leaks, initial scans, and other necessary information related to the upcoming Shingeki no Kyojin manga chapter.

Attack on Titan Chapter 137

The end of the previous chapter of Shingeki no Kyojin manga made every Levi fan close to tears. Now that Zeke is back, Levi may have his final showdown with Zeke soon. Moreover, at this point, it is clear that if Alliance wanted to stop Eren, they would have to kill him.

Update: according AOT WikiAttack on Titan, Chapter 137 is now over. You can read it online at the official manga source.

Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 137 Release Date – When will air?

SNK drops a new chapter every month until there is a delay. According to the release schedule, AOT Chapter 137 will be released on February 9, 2021 in Japan.

Where do you read SNK chapter 137?

All chapters of Shingeki no Kyojin manga are available for reading on Kodansha. You can officially read chapter 137 of the Attack on Titan manga on Kodansha Comics as well.

We strongly condemn manga reading piracy. You can purchase manga folders to support the creator and his staff.

Leaks and spoilers outside the next chapter.

Attack on Titan Chapter 137 – Spoilers, Leaks, and Initial Sweeps.

While we wait desperately for the crude scans to drop. Attack on Titan leaks have leaked to Twitter. As usual, we are among the first to provide you with exclusive details related to the leaks. Spoilers for Chapter 137 brings us an unexpected twist in the plot.

Shingeki no Kyojin ends in 3 chapters now. We expected the end to be a little quick. However, we are not ready for the separation yet.

Please note that the source of spoilers is trusted, but the events of the leaks are hard to believe. Anyway, here’s what’s available online so far:

Chapter 137

AOT Ch 137 Leaks (Confirmation Due):

Chapter 137 of the manga continues with Armin and Zek’s discussion. From the start, we’ve seen your costume’s passion for baseball. Looking at a baseball game. Countless people die, and Armin decides to leave the Paths program.

On the other hand, Annie is in danger, but the colossal giant comes to her aid. Baekk lost her hand, and Gabe shot the giant Okapi. Save Ymir titan, Grisha titan and Mikasa Armin. Zeke waves at Levi, showing half of his body. Levi was raging and took your costume, and the rumbling (?) Stopped (?) Jean, on the other hand, beheaded Erin Titan. Eren tries to recover, but Rainer stops him.

In fact, there’s a lot going on in this chapter. The manga chapter seems a bit rushed. Even or unless we receive the initial scans, it is very difficult to trust anything.

Armin will definitely play a critical role with the end of SNK manga. Because, somehow, he seems to be the character that got a lot of attention from the start. Hange sees Erwin in Armin, Eren sees freedom in Armin, Levi sees in Armin, and now Zeke sees Ksaver in Armin.

For exclusive leaks and initial scans for Attack on Titan Chapter 137, you can reach us at Embed a Tweet. The creator mentioned that the ending of AOT manga will not be happy for some fans. But let’s hope for the best!

The attack on Titan ends

Hajime Isayama created Shingeki no Kyojin in 2009 and posted it via Kodansha. At that time it was not very popular. But as it began to circulate among readers, its popularity increased. Hence, Shingeki no Kyojin’s manga journey began. The manga is currently continuing even after it has run for 11 years. Titan Manga Attack has reached Chapter 134 after 32 successful volumes. Viewers are now looking forward to reading Chapter 138 of Attack on Titan.

Boruto and Dragon Ball Super manga will be released soon as well.

Shingeki no Kyojin’s post author, Kawakubo Shintaro shares an update on Attack on Titan chapter 137 that debuted on Spoiler Guy.

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