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Shingeki no Kyojin Attack On Titan Chapter 134 Release Date, Raw, Spoilers Out?

There is no questioning the quality of this series and pretty much everyone realizes that Attack on Titan will become a timeless series. Fans can’t wait for next month’s Attack on Titan Chapter 134 release date and spoilers to be released.

Not many mangas can create this amount of hype and discussion in its climax. Attack on Titan keeps reaching new heights; with less than 5 chapters remaining, Isayama is dropping pure fire on fans.

Chapter 133 struck a serious blow at the ambiguity floating in between Eren and the ‘Avengers’. Just so you know, Avengers is the assembled team of Mikasa, Armin and so on.

We were all curious about how these people were going to react in front of their friends. Armin seems to be in denial, Mikasa was seeking redemption, Levi seeks an end for this all.

Attack On Titan Chapter 134

Shingeki no Kyojin 134 will probably focus on the conflict that Eren was talking about – he cleared the air. Eren has provided them with a choice – fight or back down. It is obvious that the avengers would choose to fight. With the fate of the world at stake, they didn’t have much of a choice.

Attack on Titan Season 4 anime is just around the corner, and will be released around the same time as Vinland Saga Season 2 and Kengan Ashura Season 3.

Going ahead, we are about to discuss in detail all the aspects of the latest and the upcoming chapter and the issues they bring forth.

Attack on Titan Chapter 134 Release Date:

Attack on Titan 134 is supposed to arrive on November, 2020. As of now, the date is not known. But a fair guess is the first 2 weeks of the month. First, we will get the raw scans. They will be picked up by scanlators.

Shingeki no Kyojin Ch 134 fan translations will arrive soon after the release of the raws. Currently, the best translation comes from the Liberio Linguists – google for their version or check Reddit.

The Official scans for chapter 134 have not been released online. You have to wait for the English release of volume 33 for it. The release date for Attack on Titan Volume 33 is April 2021.

Attack on Titan 134 Spoilers:

You have to wait until November to see the spoilers for the upcoming AOT chapter 134.

Texts and leaks arrive a couple of days before the scanlations and we will make sure to upload them in this section. Until then, please keep visiting our website and enjoy the discussion and prediction thread below.

Shingeki no Kyojin 134 Discussion And Predictions:

It is clear that Isayama loves Eren a lot. Every chapter, we see how incredible our protagonist is. Even at this stage, Eren has his friends in mind. Unlike them, his path is clear.

In somewhat of an anticlimactic way, Eren faces his old friends via the paths. The upcoming chapter will be about the consequences of this meeting.

How did Armin become competent so suddenly?

Armin was competent all along! That is why he was entrusted with multiple crucial plans, that is why Levi chose him over Erwin. He just lacked the confidence. Now that Armin is the leader of the survey corps, now that he has reconciled with Annie and has a clear motive, the blonde boy has awakened into a man.

Why is Levi chasing Zeke instead of Eren?

We want to say that the great Levi is invested in stopping Eren. But we can’t. It looks like personal vendetta is hindering Levi. After a devastating loss against the devious Zeke, Levi wants to gain the upper hand again. And this plan aligns with the others’ since Zeke can be the key to disrupting the connection between Eren and Ymir.

Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 134 might focus on Levi cutting his way through the titan horde, avoiding the bombs and finding his target. Given his fighting expertise, it will not be too hard for him. And similarly, Mikasa will try to find a path to Eren.

Here, we would like to take a second to talk about Jean. Attack on Titan 134 or 135 might shed some light on him. Jean said the same words as Eren – he has seen enough to understand the position of Eren and Reiner. So does Connie, so does Armin and Mikasa and the rest.

This holds the opposition team togther. Alongside their desire to prevent world genocide, they are also fueled by their desire for redemption. Fighting and killing old friends is a very hard thing to do; they have all committed the sin and now they will do what they believe is right.

How and Why did Eren contact his friends after so much time?

With the power of Ymir and the founding Titan, Eren has unfathomable power. He is capable of influencing all Eldians due to shared blood and all Titans due to the founder’s powers.

The subjects of Ymir are connected and this connection is via the Paths. That is how Eren contacts and oversees all the Eldians. Now that he saw his friends realise the truth, he felt that it is the right time to face them.

But make no mistake, Eren has no misconception. Attack on Titan 134 raw will further prove how Eren is not going to stop. Having found his freedom, Eren will go forward and destroy humanity. But he loves his friends, he cares for them, and thus, he has allowed them to be free. Eren himself craved freedom and he can’t bring himself to deny his own friends of freedom.

Once again, Armin’s misconception is brought out. He says that Eren can bring peace to Paradis since the whole world is terrified of him. But that is exactly what the King did. That is a half measure. Eren is out there to break the cycle – and so, Armin’s offer is moot.

Attack on Titan Chapter 134 will be the ‘fight’ that Eren speaks of. Backed by unshakeable conviction and complete freedom, the two sides will collide. Who will come out on top? Only time will tell.

How can Eren be stopped?

Attack on Titan 134 will show the Titan horde getting bombarded by the airships. The rumbling will be slowed but we believe Eren will remain unscathed and continue. That is when there will be the individual battles. For a while, Levi and his forces will shine. But Eren will rise again and despair will fill the avengers.

That is when new hope will arrive. This chapter was a splendid foreshadow. Attack on Titan manga 134 or later chapters will contain Annie and Falco. We said that time will reveal the victor.

But from the looks of it, Eren will fall. Using the power of the flying Female Titan, Annie will return. She said that without her dad she has nothing. But her guilt about leaving behind her friends, leaving Armin is clear.

Annie will be the key that opens the door to Eren and Mikasa will be the one to execute him. This is what we have concluded from this chapter.

So this is what we have for the upcoming AOT chapter. We will let you know once the official release date is out or raw scans is leaked. So stay tuned and check our articles on Tower Of God Season 2 in the meantime.

Attack On Titan Manga 134 Raw Scans Release?

The official chapter is set to release in November, so we expect the Attack on Titan Chap 134 raw scans to be released in the first week, i.e 2nd-5th November 2020.

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