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Hunter Sung Jin-Woo conquered the director of this huge beast. His level has increased. Sitting on top of the building, it appears the way the enemy has conquered.

Yoo Jin-Ho’s phone called Hyungmin, referring to Sung Jin-Woo, and he also turns towards him with compliments. Yoo Jin-Ho replies that he expects nothing less from Sung Jin Woo and wonders that he defeated the Boss.

Even today as the series evolves, we know that the beast creature boss has been defeated along with Hunter Sung Jin-Woo.

We watched him standing at the top of the structure and looking down at how he defeated his enemy but soon after, disrupting his glimpse of pride, more monsters appear from the shadows that surround him and he is still left to repel himself without assistance.

Sung Jin-Woo saw the Gate absorb a giant magical electricity, and the immense force succeeded in lowering what was near it.

Sung Jing-Woo got a low level near his right ear, realizing this was happening for the first time. He told Jin-Ho to stay because he would be entering school.

Wakai Yoshik

Wakai Yoshik

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