Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick’s divorce rumors: Public bickering, cheating rumors, bad habits and what not


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Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have been married since 1997. The couple has juggled three kids, two movie stars, and even a shoe line since they tied the knot twenty-four years ago. But now, reports suggest there may be problems in Heaven. Let’s see where the couple stands today.

By Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

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Sarah Jessica Parker having marital problems?

Obviously a beach vacation wasn’t the relaxing getaway that Parker and Broderick should have had. In July last year, it was alleged that the actress was criticizing her husband during a family vacation in the Hamptons. A less-than-satisfying image was used as evidence of marital strife. However, that was not enough to prove the claim.

Last December, Parker was accused of removing all of her belongings from the West Village home she shared with Broderick. Bunk beds for their daughters were photographed as they were being removed from the building, fueling speculation. Other than removing the two beds, there was no evidence of Parker and Broderick dissociation. In fact, the couple had sold their fossils in the West Village and were moving elsewhere together.

More lies about the couple

Additionally, last September, tabloids insisted that the couple’s marriage was shaky due to Parker’s refusal to stop smoking. All kinds of allegations have been thrown at Sex and the City an actress. From allegations that she smoked while pregnant with her first child to smoking in front of her children. Apparently, Broderick issued an ultimatum to his wife. However, a Parker spokesperson denounced the story as false.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

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Rumor has it that Parker was determined to get Hugh Grant in Sex and the City Reboot. It was assumed that this was straining her marriage. The two allegedly had a romance early in their career and Parker couldn’t let go of it. The truth is, Grant didn’t join the reboot and the Broderick-Parker union was just fine.

All is well

Apparently, Parker and Broderick did not break up. In fact, they will be starring in the upcoming Broadway show, Plaza Suite together. Gossip columnists just love lying about the couple.

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