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Kemono Jihen is one of those shonen series with deceptively cute characters but hides a dark, mature theme underneath.

The anime series would be based on the manga written by Aimoto Shou. It has been published in Shueisha’s Jump Square Magazine since 2016 and has released 11 tankobon volumes so far.

It follows the protagonist, Kabane, as he discovers the world of kemono, supernatural beings who secretly live alongside humans. It has a straightforward plot, with well-written characters and mature themes.

The manga is very graphic descriptions in some scenes, but the themes are handled with maturity, which has gained the series many fans.

Fans feel that the upcoming anime would be like a Demon Slayer part 2. The villains’ backstories get you emotionally invested, and it’s hard to get on the right track, morally.

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With the anime serialization announced last year, they have released information on the visuals and the cast.

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1. Release Date & Visuals

The animation serialization of Kemono Jihen was announced in December 2019 at the Jump Festa. The anime is scheduled to release in early 2021.

The producers haven’t yet announced a fixed date, but the series should broadcast in Summer 2021.

The anime production team hasn’t announced the number of episodes the anime would have, but we can expect at least 13-episodes.

The Ajia-Do animation studio will animate the anime under the helms of director Masaya Fujimori.

Ajia-Do has produced anime like Ascendance of a Bookworm, Kakushigoto, and How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord.

Since the source material is very dark and has upsetting graphics, which are way more uncensored in the manga, we wonder how the studio will adapt it. The fight animation is expected to be top-class by the fans, as that is one thing to look for in Kemono Jihen.

The season should adapt the first five volumes. Though it is not clear how many episodes the anime would have, the first 4-5 volumes would give a sense of completion to the new audience.

From the introduction arc of Kabane to the world of kemono to his first mission and subsequent sub-plots, the season should feel complete and whole to the viewers.

The official Twitter account revealed the cast and character designs for the upcoming anime. The website also announced that the anime would premiere in 2021.

“Kemono Jihen” TV animation 2021 broadcast decision!

Additional main staff & cast announcement! !

The new key visuals of the main characters are released! !

The role of Mihai #小野大輔 San Ii (Inari) role #花澤香菜 The role of San Navy #花守ゆみり The role of San Nobimaru #下野紘 San https://kemonojihen-anime.com


English Translation, Twitter Translate

The official sites have not released any teasers for the anime yet. We will update this article when we get the information.

2. Expected Plot

The story starts when a series of animal bodies start rotting in a single night in a remote village. Inugami, an investigator of the occult and supernatural, is called to look into this.

During his stay in the village, he befriends a young boy nicknamed Dorotabou, who is always seen working in the farms. Inugami notices that the entire village shuns and demeans the boy, including the boy’s aunt.

Inugami discovers that the boy was named after a yokai who lived in the mud, and there was something unnatural about him. It later becomes clear that the animals were being killed by some outside forces and that Dorotabou was inhuman.

We can expect that the anime would adapt the first five volumes of the manga, depending on the number of episodes.

3. About Kemono Jihen

The story is set in a world where human beings coexist with beings called kemono, who are supernatural creatures, spirits, and demons. But war breaks out between these two species.

A long time after the war, the story brings us to a remote village where dead animals mysteriously start appearing. This phenomenon brings Inugami to the village to identify its cause. Inugami is an investigator from Tokyo, an occult specialist, who meets a mysterious young boy in the village. The thing is the boy, called Dorotabou, is not human.

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