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se joo-he stands in front of her double sister, who has no idea who is in Tomb raider king chapter 248. This comes at the end of her bodyguards who are busy cleaning up after the recent assault inside the organization’s headquarters.

So, he took SEO himself to make sure her sister was safe. She didn’t have bodyguards, and search engine optimization Joo-Hyun paid her the chance to attend college. He found her with a friend wondering who the character was after Farha Allenby.

Search engine optimization sister joo-Theon is currently going by the name Joy Allenby to protect her identity. Inside the previous episode, SEO discovered that they broke up at a younger age while Farida’s family embraced the fun.

So now it looks as if it’s time to reconnect, even though Pleasure thinks that SEO is just plain weird with terrible intentions. Perhaps this is due to the search engine’s misinterpretation of the community.

He’s been working away from normal humans for some time, and all he realizes is simply blocking his business and doing his paintings back on the agency.

This would explain why he didn’t treat her kindly, misunderstood joy and ended up walking away. When this turns into a manhunt, he starts setting up a scene, and those might misunderstand and assume Seon is just a few thugs who want to steal Joe’s assets.

To make matters worse, the SEO resorted to using her power to gradually try to please her, who was on the run with her boyfriend.

So, no matter how one should examine it, things may not go well anymore. So we need to quickly see how far we will deal with this since he has already deployed his artifact powers

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She has no idea who Search Engine Optimization is for, and Search Engine Optimization amazingly approached her and ended up running. With Sion harassed and seeking to catch up with pleasure.

Ended up being chased, and SEOs might look like a thug who wants to hijack the fun. Seo had already tried to use his artifact power, however, he lost one by one due to the convergence of the remnants of joy.

It turns out so unusual that a relic of SEO might need to be betrayed for fun due to its amazing affinity for relics. Well, as the twin sister of SEO, it is not unexpected that they are of the blood family.

So the most effective things were given the worst as search engine optimization lost most of its traces of joy. Fortunately, Joy no longer recognizes what happened and is now not ordering the effects to attack search engine optimization. At this price, SEO notes that it will be more effective at creating a bigger problem for them.

So he deployed his rope remains, the largest dedicated to him. And now warn her not to fall into the magic of joy, so control her to break the magic of joy and bind her. Well, that counts as more hilariously kidnapping now totally restricted.

But all that SEOs wanted turned out to be a way to communicate lightly with pleasure, which was nonetheless surprised why a stranger could stalk her but pretend to no longer oppose her. We can expect the subsequent bankruptcy of the King of the Tombs, as we can see their war of words continues.

With any luck, SEO might be able to explain what’s happening to her, and she’ll eventually calm down and figure it out. She will likely still have early memories of her almost identical twin brother because she now lives with parents who adopted her while she was still young.

Tomb Raider King Chapter 248 release date

Tomb Raider king Bankruptcy 248 may be released on August 20, 2021. Manhua usually releases a new chapter within three days of recent releases. With contemporary bankruptcy issued a few hours ago, we can wait about 3 days for the next chapter.

So this means that if bankruptcy is not on time, he will be released on August 21. So we can usually look to launch a whole new chapter.

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