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Titled “U.S. and the Fall of His Fate,” the events of Chapter 221 really stayed true to that. The effects of the attack on a small organization of delinquents from Pokhara Bandai will have many consequences in the event of the imminent bankruptcy of the Tokyo Avengers.

Summary and summary of Tokyo Avengers Chapter 221

The class began with a panel of Mickey, saying he felt horrible about tonight for some motive. On their return to the park, a number of other people in the vicinity heard the shooting.

Draken is standing in front of the young fry from Pokhara India, with Nakamichi and Senju on the ground behind him. The participants in Pokhara Tanda decided to do a run for it.

Draken kicked the weapon away, perplexed that they might surely attack with something as risky as a shotgun. Nakamichi tests Senju and asks if she gets hurt anywhere; She says it’s K.

Nakamichi asks Draken how he ended up where they are. In line with the input, he almost heard what turned out to be what he allegedly crossed tonight.

Nakamichi is surprised that they are from Pokhara Bandai. Draken smiles and reminds him that Nakamichi is a very big shot and that his decision to join Brahman would not go well with the alternative gangs.

Draken states that the clash of the Three Gods seems not to have been this kind of simple fight between delinquents anymore, believing that few of them are involved in shady agencies and activities.

While Nakamichi wonders what might happen next, Draken thinks Mickey knew this was going to happen.

Nakamichi confesses to Draken that he was able to see the fate, as Senju died defending him. He thanks Draken for turning fate with him and Draken smiles in response.

Senju tells them they have to move because it will be difficult if someone else arrives. Nakamichi and Senju started running, but Nakamichi appeared behind Draken, who remained standing nonetheless.

Draken unexpectedly tells him to tell Mickey that he shouldn’t cause him too much trouble. Nakamichi gets teased as to why Draken has come to say this, but unexpectedly falls to the ground, covered in several gunshots.

release date Tokyo Avengers Chapter 222

As long as the normal schedule follows, Tokyo Producers Chapter 222 will be released on Wednesday, September 15, 2021. Currently, there are no updates regarding delays within the schedule.

spoilers for Tokyo Avengers Chapter 222

The remaining panel from Chapter 221 revives the activities of the Eight/3, where Draken is stabbed or even died in an exclusive timeline.

While it is uncertain whether he is dead or not now, the consequences of this event turning forward would certainly be huge. Draken was not better shot, however, and there was an attempt to assault Nakamichi.

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