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The recent maximum bankruptcy of the successful manga created via Ken Waki ​​discovers that Nakamichi hoarded Senju and kept his promise to the Brahman deity, also indicating the potential for interesting activities to take place in Tokyo Avengers 221.

Cast Preview

Titled “Eye of a Bull”, the modern part of the manga shows events that happened at the same time that many Inagaki and Karu Senju were in the amusement park.

Takemichi’s vision ate and startled him and he feared the things he had observed in imagination and insight could happen that day. Senju went to the restroom and it became easier later on when Nakamichi found out that he should have kept an eye on how powerful the Brahmin gang was.

Suddenly 4 daring participants appeared in Pokhara Bandai – surely one of them was carrying a gun. Nakamichi thought seeing him was telling him that Senju was in danger, but he seemed to be the target.

Apparently, these four members of Pokhara Bandai wanted to rise in the ranks, and they consider that the only way to do so is to kill the time of the tourist.

Senju noticed what was happening and rushed towards Nakamichi to protect him, but Nakamichi used his body to guard the bullet. They both fell to the ground but both seemed to be safe because the gunman missed his target.

Chapter 221 spoilers

The Avengers in Tokyo” 221 will likely show the events following Draken’s arrival at the theme park. Potential possibilities must occur within subsequent bankruptcy.

One is that the contributors to Pokhara Tanda can be determined and fight Draken, Nakamichi and Senju. A possible alternative situation is that they will turn away and run for their lives.

The attempt to assassinate Nakamichi that endangered Senju may wish to trigger a conflict between Pokhara Bandai and Brahman. He can also orchestrate the scheduled epic conflict between Manji Canton, Okuhara Bandai and Brahman.

date of publication

“Tokyo Avengers” releases a brand new manga batch every week, and if there are no delays or edits, enthusiasts may want to expect Chapter 220 to drop on September 8th.

Spoilers and uncooked wipes usually appear on the Internet between Monday and Tuesday. Fans can read the legitimate manga version on Kodansha.

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