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The previous chapter of the successful manga series created with the help of Ken Waki ‚Äč‚Äčrecommended that the activities that happened to the Tokyo Manji gang on August 3 may wish to happen again in “Tokyo Avengers” 220 and beyond.

Chapter 219 group

The manga “Avengers Tokyo” titled “Feeling of Danger” reveals the events that spread as Inagaki Nakamichi and Senju kawaragi entertain their other employers at an amusement park.

He also shared some details of the insightful conversation between the two characters. Rahman gang leader revealed that her brother Tekumi has changed. She said that Tekumi is not interested in making the Brahman solid and wants to expand the crowd instead.

Additionally, Senju is aware of how long it takes him and Draken to get rid of the Manji Canton even when she takes care of Akuhara Bandai.

Furthermore, she informs Nakamichi that she wishes to be a diverse group and believes that she will be able to eliminate the alternative gangs on her own.

After she played the rides and attractions in the amusement park and revealed some details about herself and Brahman, Senju invites Nakamichi to fulfill the wish of Tanzku. Then she discovers that her desire is to protect Nakamichi, while the vacationer has stated that his desire is to defeat Miki.

In addition, she asked Nakamichi to be friends, and the time the tourist promised that he would protect Senju. They shook their palms at their promise and Nakamichi’s vision came back here.

He later realizes that imagination and insight are more vivid this time and that the activities he observed must occur on an equal day.

Meanwhile, Inobi visits Draken and informs him that men from Rokohara India are hunting Nakamichi.

Chapter 220 spoilers

The latest manga’s latest batch max mode reminded fans of the activities that happened on August 3rd, which was also recognized for the 8/3 battle.

Nakamichi is sure that his vision will appear on that day and he may figure out a way to save Senju and fulfill his promise to the Brahman Chief.

Since Draken is now fully aware of the dangers his travel friend is currently facing, he may seek help from Takeomi or go to Nakamichi’s place along with.

It will be interesting to see what Nakamichi does to avoid the catastrophe he could turn himself into and what enthusiasts may see in “Tokyo Avengers” 220.

date of publication

A new part of the manga is released every Wednesday, and if there are no delays or changes, fanatics can count on their counterpart “Tokyo Avengers” 220 on September 1.

As for the spoilers of impending bankruptcy, enterprise insiders in the community usually share them on various social media more than a day before the release of the respected manga.

Meanwhile, brand-new uncooked scans with English subtitles usually appear online on Tuesday night. The official manga is available on Kodansha.

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