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Sure, the Saitama story isn’t over yet, but with Season 3 of Punch Man not yet released, it honestly looks that way. It’s been a while since any information was given about this shounen anime set, and enthusiasts are starting to get a little concerned about what that might mean for the fate of the show.

The fear of fans is clearly justified, especially for nearly three years now, considering the end of Season Two.

Not to mention the fact that during those years, no confirmed information has been given about the whereabouts of the show other than announcing that production was delayed due to the global pandemic as well as other reasons beyond anyone’s management.

But what about now? With the 12 months drawing to a close with covid-19 still presenting a very real threat of intrusive workplaces anywhere, the odds of receiving a third season at some point in the 12 months are starting to look slim. But, there can be a slight sense of abandonment in this long, dark tunnel.

Release date for One Punch Man Season 3

Because we know that Season 3 is in production at an unspecified time in the future in 12 months and because we’re aware that J. NS.

The staff has worked hard and released a lot of different anime sets this year like Edens 0 and House Pair Method, and we think Season 3 will start someday early next year or sometime before fall 2022.

Although it’s the most effective prediction, these dates represent the amount of time it takes for one man to punch his first time in the past.

The second season that premiered in April 2019 is back, and if the anime’s studios aren’t swapped, it’s likely that Season 3 will fit into the same pattern.

We’ll be looking forward to a real announcement to understand for sure, but until then, these predictions will definitely help calm our minds a lot.

Optimistically, she does the same for you. We understand it can be a hassle to wait so long for one punch man to come back. Fortunately, Netflix has the first season to look at on their platform so you can watch it right from the start!

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