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Read One Piece Manga Chapter 990 Spoilers, Raw Scans Out!

All of the straw hat pirates have assembled and Luffy declared that he will be fighting Kaido and believes in his team to care of the rest in the upcoming One Piece 990. One Piece Manga Chapter 990 spoilers and raw scans are going to be released soon since there is no break this week.

One Piece manga had become a biweekly manga for the last few months because of Shonen Jump breaks and then Oda taking breaks in mid, but finally this week there will be no break and we will be getting our usual of one chapter per week.

Onigashima raid started early then we thought but there’s no complaints in anyone’s minds as everyone has been waiting for this exact thing for the longest period of time ever. Luffy going against Kaido is the single most important thing that every wanted to see for the longest time and it seems the fateful moment has finally arrived.

Everone in the alliance knows about Luffy’s determination to take Kaido’s head but this time he has announced it amidst all the chaos going on at Onigashima and in the attendance of every beast pirate.

One Piece Chapter 990

Luffy has announced that he will be going up the roof to kick Kaido’s ass while the rest of the members take care of Big Mom, the beast pirate all stars, the Numbers, and the beast pirate fooders down the ranking.

Even though One Piece is a weekly manga, fans always wait for the early spoilers so that they can know what’s happening in advance and this is week is no different. In this article down below we will be sharing the One Piece 990 spoilers and when you expect the English raw scans to arrive.

The spoilers only get released once the One Piece Chapter 990 raw scans will get leaked and get translated. So you will have to wait some time before you actually get to read the chapter.

We have included all the relevant details regarding the spoilers and official release date below for you to check, so let’s not waste any time and jump to main


Read One Piece 990 Spoilers

So as you might have guessed, the spoilers have finally been released and they are shocking!

So without wasting much time let’s get started, and also, One Piece 991 will be a break chapter.

  • The title of Chapter 990 is “Lonely Force”.
  • Inuarashi and Nekomamushi are fighting against Jack in their sulong form.
  • King vs Queen will be happening while Sanji Occupies King.
  • X-Drake being a traitor and spy finally gets revealed.
  • Queen knew about it for some time, and it seems like Who’s Who did it as well.
  • The person both Queen and Who’s Who wanted to kill is a Tobi Robbo and he is none other than X-Drake.
  • Queen found out that it was Drake that freed Law.
  • Hawkins and Drake arrive and Hawkins predicts that “someone chance of survival by tomorrow is 1%”.
  • Luffy transforms to Gear 4 and in order to go up the roof, he starts fighting the numbers first.
  • Meanwhile, we see Drake getting defeated by Queen and he escapes to where Luffy is fighting.
  • This is where Drake tells him about his situation, that he is “The lone force” and asks to join them.
  • At the end of chapter Luffy is confused as to what just happens and speaks out “huh?”.

One Piece Chapter 990 Official Release Date

Good news, there is no break this week. Which means we will be getting a new chapter in the next seven days and fans can’t wait for it to get released soon enough.

One Piece 990 will be officially released this Sunday on 13th September 2020. There are many online websites to read One Piece manga, but we believe in supporting originals creators and that is why I ask you to read the upcoming chapter on Viz or Shonen jump website only.

Piracy has been on the rise for so long, but it’s time for all us to stand together and take a stand against piracy and support our favorite author “Oda” in creating the best manga ever.

You can also download the Shonen jump mobile app on your smartphone if you wish to read the upcoming Chapter 990 on mobile devices.

Solo Leveling Chapter 118 and Black Clover 264 will also be releasing soon, so make sure to check them out while we wait for the OP chapter to get released.

Before we start discussing the One Piece manga 990 spoilers and raw scans, let’s take a recap of what happened in Chapter 989 first.

One Piece 989 Recap:

Last chapter was titled: “I don’t feel like we are losing”. The chapter starts with Big Mom on the floor and the beast pirates freaking about the fact that straw hats ran over a Yonkou and once she stands up, she will be very mad.

Shinobu is seen running away from Yamato, Luffy clears up that Yamato is an ally. Yamato declares that she is Oden and she will protect Momonosuke, to which wee see Shinobu and Momo making a freaked out weird face.

Boss Hyogoro, Jinbei, and the others are seen holding their own against the beast pirates. Big Mom rises up and she is a rage. Franky and Brook and standing in front of her in a taunting manner, Franky even goes as far to stand against her even knowing how strong she is as a Yonkou.

One Piece Manga 990

We once again get to see their faith in making Luffy the pirate king and that is why they can’t back down in front of a Yonkou. Finally we get to see some more of the Numbers and as expected, they are huge beasts with big teeths. Big Mom instantly recognizes them and refer to them as failed ancient giants.

She even reveals the fact that Kaido bought them. Franky sees one of the Numbers holding his Brachio Bomber and attacks him with his laser. Big Mom moves ahead to attack Franky but Jinbei and Robin step up and Jinbei uses Fishman karate and Robin uses Mille Fleur to floor Big Mom once again.

Luffy tries to make his way up the roof but Queen instantly transforms in his dinosaur form and stops Luffy midway. Luffy gets stopped by Queen and Zoro by King. Franky also steps up and takes Number 4 out using his new fused machine.

Even though everyone is surrounded by enemies, Hyogoro confesses that despite all that’s going, he doesn’t feel like they are losing. We see all the straw hat members assembled together and this is where Luffy makes the announcement. Luffy will go after Kaido and the rest will fight in arena against beast pirates and Big Mom.

One Piece Manga Chapter 990 Discussion & Predictions

Spoilers for the upcoming One Piece Chapter 990 will be released soon enough when the raw scans get translated. We can expect the spoilers to be released on 7-8th September 2020 and we will be sharing them here for everyone of you to read.

While we wait for the official spoilers to be released, let’s take a look at the predictions for the upcoming chapter.

Now that Luffy has announced that he will be taking on Kaido, what will happen? Jack is already up on the roof and only Queen and King stay down below and it’s their duty to stop Luffy.

So will Luffy be able to make it up the roof before the mink’s sulong form runs out and kick Kaido’s ass? If Luffy wants to make his way up without failing then King and Queen must be stopped.

So who will fight King and Queen? Sanji is the most suited to fight King since they both can fly and are better at mid-air fights. So Zoro is left to take down Queen.

It will be an epic fight for sure but we have no idea if it will be a serious deciding match or just something short. Even though the raid has started, it somehow doesn’t feel like the epic fight is here. According to Oda, Wano arc will be several times bigger than the Marineford war arc and somehow the Wano arc is not there yet.

So it means that there’s still some time before the actual fight starts. For now it will be the minks who will be holding down the fort. In the upcoming chapters, new characters are going to be introduced for sure. Maybe marines or even Blackbeard arrives on Wano soon?

For now, only Marco has arrived on Wano, I am sure the news will soon reach the rest of the whitebeard pirate remnants and they will make their way to wano soon.

Since Kaido is already being looked after, all that’s left is Big Mom. Who will fight Big Mom? Is there someone present at Onigashima who is capable of fighting Big Mom one vs one? Even if there is, we can’t forget the vow Luffy took. He will be the one to take down all the four emperors. So Oda must be planning something for this scenario as well.

The upcoming One Piece Chapter 990 spoilers will most probably showcase Sanji and Zoro blocking King’s and Queen’s way so that Luffy can make his way through. Even though we know Zoro is super strong and is capable of going against the all stars or even Kaido himself, fans are not so confident in Sanji.

Will Sanji be able to take down King? King is no doubt the top dog among the all stars and is no easy target. Sanji for sure has the Germa 66 gear now and it has boosted his strength but still, will it be enough?

As we mentioned above, the One Piece manga 990 spoilers are going to be shared here once released, so don’t forget to bookmark this page so that you can visit again.

One Piece Manga 990 Raw Scans Release

Once piece is a Japanese manga, which means the original chapter gets released in Japanese language. To read it in English and other languages, the chapters must get translated first and this is where the scanlators come in.

For the spoilers to be released early, the raw scans get leaked early and then get translated. One Piece 990 raw scans will be released this week on 9th September 2020 and once the raw scans are out, scanlation teams start the translation process and once the English raw scans are out, spoilers get shared.

There are no official sites to read the One Piece raw, so we will be sharing them here once they are out. OP subreddit is another place you should frequently visit if you want to read One Piece manga 990 spoilers as soon it gets released.

OP anime is also going strong and will not be stopping any time soon. There is news of Dragon Ball Super Season 2 and The King’s Avatar Season 2 getting released soon as well. So stay tuned and don’t forget to share this article on all your social media handles.

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