Read One Piece 994 Manga Spoilers, Chapter Raw Scans Release Date

Read One Piece 994 Manga Spoilers, Chapter Raw Scans Release Date

We have reached the Climax of Wano Act 3! The fandom has been shaken and is eagerly waiting to read the upcoming One Piece 994. Is this war starting to get darker? Do you feel it is getting more dangerous by the minute? We believe that Act 3 will be tragic and Wano has a lot of content waiting to be unveiled.

In the latest One Piece manga chapter, we got a description of Onigashima’s layers, which is quite similar to Impel Down and Dressrosa Castle. Is Oda taking a similar approach in this arc? We did get scenes from past chapters which allowed us to gauge the location of the battle:

At this point, we would like to bring up a small grievance from the fandom, partly because we acknowledge the truth about it. Oda has been focusing on progressing the story and hence he has cramped up the artstyle and shortened the fights.

However, he keeps introducing more characters for some reason. If this doesn’t pay off later, it would be a useless hindrance to the plot progression.

One Piece 994

Popular One Piece YouTuber Mr. Morj pointed out that Chapter 993 will be the start of a tragic spiral in the story. He is basing it on a chapter stretch that occurred in Marineford – Ace died, Whitebeard died, Blackbeard got the fruit, Luffy got injured – a stream of unfortunate events. We agree with this and hence, we believe One Piece manga 994 will show more tragedy.

Fans are excited for the upcoming chapter and are ready for the upcoming death, but let’s hope we don’t lose someone very important.

Now talking about it’s anime, One Piece Episode 948 will be releasing on the same day as the chapter, so make sure to check it out.

One Piece Chapter 994 Raw Scans And Release Date:

On October 28, 2020, we expect the One Piece 994 raw scans to get released. You can rent them off the shonenjumpplus website. If you read Japanese, it will be a great experience for you.

On October 30 or 31, 2020, we will receive the fan translations online. The Korean scans arrive first, then Chinese, French, and so on. The English version comes last.

You can read One Piece manga chapter 994 official English release on the Viz and mangaplus website and it will be published there on November 1st, 2020. You can read them for free, that also legally. Or you can read it from the official Shonen Jump app.

Boku no Hero Academia 289 and Black Clover 270 will also be released on the same day as One Piece upcoming chapter, so make sure to check them out as well.

Read One Piece 994 Manga Spoilers:

As of now, there are no spoilers for the upcoming One Piece Chapter.

The spoilers will be posted here once the raw scans have been leaked and translated. Come back on Tuesday for all the latest information.

One Piece Manga 994 Discussion & Predictions:

Following the normal approach, we saw various events unfold during this war. We got some impressive action scenes, we got some strong moments and a couple of enjoyable Straw Hat interactions.

The upcoming One Piece 994 spoilers might break this current approach and show something drastic. We said before – there are death flags on the Akazaya; maybe one of them will die.

Kaido declared that no samurai will be able to surpass Oden. So who is stronger – Oden or Ryuma? Both of them faced a dragon and both are revered for their strength. If these two clashed, who will come out on top?

Why are the people in Flower Capital scared?

We saw that the Flower Capital is a prosperous place and the new generation is misguided into believing that Orochi is good. However, the truth can’t be hidden so easily.

Orochi’s oppression is experienced by the people and the latest events have riled them up even more. The fear and loathing in their heart are coming out. Happiness is just a façade – they are all scared.

This part of the chapter reminds us why this war is being fought – for the liberation of Wano, to free the citizens of Wanokuni! We believe, before showing the catastrophe in One Piece 994, Oda is playing with hopes. He is showing that the people are wishing for the victory of the samurai, only to crush their dreams and prove Kaido’s might.

One Piece Chapter 994 can take one of 2 ways – either we see a route where the scabbards lose but Luffy steps in and wins easily. This is the generic route. The other route, which was suggested by Morj, is that we will see a string of bad events in Act 3 – the scabbards will lose and Luffy won’t win either. Hence a tragic route, like Marineford.

Who will stop Queen?

We are at a point where there are only skirmishes – we are not seeing the final matchups yet. So we can’t say that someone will step in and defeat Queen. However, in One Piece manga 994 spoilers, we might see a Strawhat intercept Queen and stop him from using the poison bullets.

Queen’s power can turn the Samurai into deranged demons – it must be stopped. The frost demons are quite strong since we saw Luffy struggling a bit. But if the Samurai can get this weapon, they can use it to their advantage. It will be useful since the Samurai are outnumbered.

Why is Sanji angry at Luffy and Jinbe?

Luffy and Sanji are at the second basement – they still have to cross multiple floors until they reach the roof. We know that Luffy is not very smart – he is trying to fight all the strong ones. Mr. Briscola drew his attention and Luffy wanted to fight.

But Sanji knows that Luffy must conserve his strength. That is why he is annoyed that Luffy is picking useless fights. He wants to lead his captain to the main fight. What Sanji failed to do, Jinbe did in a second. This annoyed the cook even more. The newcomer is proving himself to be more useless and that hurts Sanji’s pride.

One Piece 994 will show Jinbe and Sanji protecting Luffy from distractions and they will head to the roof together. We believe they will have to stop when they see a worthwhile opponent – maybe a Tobi Roppo or a Calamity!

It will take Luffy some time to reach the roof – we can only hope that this travel won’t be as tedious as Dressrosa. Also, Law and Kidd can reach the roof independent from Luffy. Oda has been hinting that this trio will face Kaido together! And this trio has been hyped up ever since Sabaody!

Will Sasaki kill Momo?

Owing to Bao Huang’s powers, Momo can’t stay hidden for long. King made the announcement that Momo must be killed and Sasaki immediately followed up on this. Shinobu did protect Momo from the first attack but now she is down.

We will probably see Yamato fighting Sasaki and the Armored Troops of Kaido in One Piece Chapter 994. In doing so, she will prove her loyalty to the samurai, earn Momo’s trust and also prove her strength.

If she can rescue Momo from this situation, Momonosuke will learn to trust and rely on her. That might go on to become an important alliance later on.

We must also note that Who’s Who and Ulti are on the search for Momo – they are strong individuals who can potentially shit the tides of this battle. Maybe we will see them fighting in One Piece 994 raw scans or spoilers.

Will Kaido kill the Scabbards now?

Following the coordinated attack from the Scabbards, Kaido was cut once more. He saw Oden’s shadow behind the Akazaya. But in the latest chapter, we saw that he is basically unharmed. He got up like it is nothing and retaliated hard.

In 992, it did seem that the Akazaya have truly weakened Kaido – but that is not true. When Luffy fought Kaido, he spent a lot of time punching the dragon with the strongest attacks in his arsenal. But Kaido was unharmed from that – he got up and one-shotted Luffy. A similar thing may happen in One Piece 994.

We saw Kiku’s arm being ripped off from a single attack. Maybe Kaido will keep up this violent trend and in One Piece Manga 994, we might see the death of a scabbard. Kiku withstood the first blow, so it is unlikely that she will die first as well. Kinemon talked about death the most – maybe it finally time for him to rest.

So this is what we have now regarding the spoilers and raw scans release date. Let us know what you think about the upcoming chapter in the comments down below and don’t forget to check our articles on Solo Leveling 125 and Attack On Titan Chapter 134.

Is One Piece Manga 994 on break?

Just like last week, there is no break for this chapter. It will be released as usual this Sunday on 1st November 2020.

Which of the Red Scabbards will die first?

It’s unclear for now but Kinemon and Denjiro are the most loyal ones. So maybe one of them will be the first to give up their life.

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