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Read One Piece 993 Manga Spoilers, Raw Scans, Chapter Release Date

A war without a blood-boiling battle isn’t worth it. After a short break, Oda has delivered a phenomenal chapter. With shock and awe, fans await One Piece 993 spoilers and raw scans and we are here to discuss all those with you.

One Piece is at the hottest right now and the ongoing Wano arc is centered around the tragic tale of Oden and his Akazaya samurai. They have gone through hell to get to this place. And the moment of truth is upon us.

It is the fiercest of clashes between the Akazaya and Kaido – an unnatural fight since the former party is showing a significant boom in strength. Where is this headed?

Chapter 992 dedicated time and showed us this clash – now we are wondering how this is possible? With their amazing teamwork and exceptional strength, the Akazaya have managed to push and even injure Kaido.

One Piece 993 Spoilers

It seems quite one sided right now. No one expected the Akazaya to dominate Kaido. And that’s the thing – they aren’t. Remember Luffy vs Usopp?

One Piece Chapter 993 will continue will this fight. But we expect a turnover soon. The Wano war does not end here, Kaido has yet to show us his hybrid form. Luffy hasn’t even joined the main fight. It is going to smoothly, isn’t it? What is Oda going to show us next?

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One Piece Chapter 993 Raw Scans And Release Date:

The releases are unruly. Oda has announced that he isn’t taking a break next week and is hard at work. One Piece 993 raw scans are coming out on October 21, 2020. You can rent the raws at shonenjumpplus website.

The Japanese raws will be translated by the scanlators. First the Korean, then the French and finally the English. We can expect these fan translations to arrive on October 23, 2020.

The official English translation of One Piece manga 993 will be available on October 25, 2020. Unlike this week, there won’t be an early release. Please visit the Viz website or Mangaplus website or the Shonen Jump app to read it for free.

Black Clover 269 and My Hero Academia 289 will also be releasing on the same day as the upcoming OP chapter. So make sure to check them out as well.

Read One Piece 993 Manga Spoilers:

This is a series that is quite prone to leaks. So early spoilers are very regular.

As soon as we find the leaks to One Piece manga 993, we will post them in this section. Until then, visit the subreddit ‘r/OnePiece’ for more content.

So while we wait for the spoilers to get released, let’s discuss some of the fan predictions regarding the upcoming chapter.

One Piece Manga 993 Predictions & Discussion

Oda has a strange work ethic. The man once went five years without taking a single break. Now he is older and can work less. He was sick last week and took a break. And yet, he has returned with a lead cover and an amazing color page. How does he manage to work so hard at this age?

What is Big Mom’s plan?

One Piece 993 might dedicate some time to Big Mom. For the last few chapters, she hasn’t really been a strong front; in fact, she has been ridiculed by weaker characters like Robin. It seems Oda has different plans for her.

We believe, besides being a very strong individual, Big Mom’s main strength is her cunning. She was the one who proposed the alliance with Kaido – so she must have a plan. Betrayal and pirates go hand in hand – so, she definitely plans to double cross Kaido and take the One Piece for herself. That’s why she is telling Perospero to trust her.

One Piece 993 might show Carrot fighting Perospero – since Marco is her ally, he will have to step in? Is this a set up for a clash between Big Mom and Marco? Or better, is this a set up for that mysterious, hat wearing guy to appear? Only time will tell.

When is Luffy reaching the main battlefield?

We understand the impatience – Luffy has been trying to get to the roof for a while but hasn’t succeeded. He keeps getting dragged into irrelevant fights and ends up squandering stamina. One Piece Manga 993 may finally give him a proper challenge. As we said before, Luffy will fight a Calamity before facing Kaido.

So, isn’t it high time for him to meet his match? If you remember correctly, Jack has been instructed to retreat from the roof. He is slightly injured as well. Maybe he will run into Luffy and the battle will begin. However, as we said before, Luffy should entrust Jack to Zoro and go on to fight Queen.

What is the deal with Black Maria?

We have no idea. This woman is a mystery. Being the head of the pleasure department, she doesn’t seem very interested in the battle. Instead, she spends her time singing. The lyrics are strange as well. Do they have a deeper meaning? Is it some prophecy? One Piece Manga 993 might tell us more about it.

Act 3 might end with shamisen music. We are going to stick with our theory of a tragic ending. And that might be why Oda spent so much time showcasing the Scabbards fighting Kaido!

How did the Scabbards get so strong?

A training of decades. We saw that Oden attempted to train his followers and taught them about Ryuo and Oden Nitoryu. They did seem reluctant but as we saw at the end, the scabbards can use Oden Style.

Ashura, Denjiro, Inu and Neko had years to train. They have spent their time focused on getting stronger – Ashura was already a good match for Oden. Imagine how strong he has gotten after so much time. What we see now, is adrenaline. This rush, the sense of urgency – it is fueling the scabbards and that is why they are so strong.

One Piece 993 will show us the execution of Oden’s Two Sword Style even more. They have injured Kaido right where it hurts the most. And they are in no mood to slow down.

Will the Scabbards defeat Kaido?

That is an absolute negative. One Piece Chapter 993 is where things might turn around. Remember Luffy vs Usopp? Usopp was initially beating Luffy bloody – the protag was left on the ground, flat on his back. Then Luffy got up and with a single blow, defeated Usopp. Something similar is going to happen.

For a brief while, Kaido will remain subdued. But that is when the situation flips – the strongest creature has yet to show his full strength. Even now, he doesn’t think of retaliation. He only thinks why he is getting injured by the Akazaya. Kaido has placed far more importance on his own defense rather than thinking a proper counterattack.

And that is why we believe he isn’t fully serious. Once he acknowledges the strength of the Akazaya and understands why they can hurt him, he will calm down. With the shock factor eliminated, Kaido will pummel the Samurai in One Piece 993 or further.

Doesn’t matter who fights; doesn’t matter what move – once Kaido is serious, the samurai will be obliterated.

Kaido is the most strongest being for a reason and the upcoming One Piece chapters will show exactly why. The OP anime is soon catching up to manga even and we can expect the wano arc raid to get animated soon.

Also, let us know what you think about the upcoming chapter in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this article on all your social media channels and check some of our additional articles like Dragon Ball Super Season 2 and Vinland Saga Season 2.

Is there any break for Chapter 993?

No, there is no break this week. The chapter will be released this Sunday as usual.

Where can we read One Piece 993 online?

The upcoming manga chapter 993 of One Piece manga will be available to read officially on the Shonen Jump website.

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