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Creeper against the evil No. Six begins with a class of 109 guards hero academia with a creeper that dodges a variety of six attacks. This can be released quickly since the manga is released twice a month.

The chapter title is “Variable”. Koichi was surprised that the Sixth Range had switched again and stated that the Great Diversity Six seemed to be more effective than before.

Number six indicates that the creeper is ready to savor its true pace. He uses a variety of 6 hello-crawlers and dashes at full pace, copying how the Koichi moves while walking away.

Koichi notes that the sixth variety is simply too fast, and he uses his claws to slice it. Koichi avoids those claws, and the sixth variety continues to swing, but he can’t break through the target.

He manages to jump some distance and notice that number six is ​​using his dribbling, which is more useful. Koichi realizes that he should stay away from getting hit when she considers that a variety of Six slows down along the way to get assaulted with his hands.

He resolved to keep crawling to stay safe. However, an easy six-headed assortment landed, and Koichi started to bleed.

The sixth quantity begins to mix and descends into one of the four slams. Koichi realizes that a variety of six attacks always takes place every time he slows down. Koichi discovers that the sixth group has the advantage of seeing that he uses claw attacks.

The number six keeps hitting at full speed, and every hit seems to be some kind of spear stab once you land on it.

Koichi can’t guard given that number six will go to all spots to discover Koichi’s weak point. Koichi realizes that if the sixth group is dealt a fatal blow, he may die, but he has to increase his protection.

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A wide variety of six unleashes his signature flow, and Koichi believes that it was given to him and that he is dead. Overclock notes that the number six will never heed his recommendation because he goes for the kill.

He wonders what would happen if the kingdom of acceleration was like diving underwater. The deeper the dive, the less tension, breathing and vision the deeper you move.

The tire may be heavy, like a bag filled with liquid that grows less and less reliably. Overclock explains how the number six acquired the all-new look to be like a shark ruling the ocean.

He sends recommendations to Number Six on how to use his new body and new powers. Overclock shows that if a six-band is all that he explained, it turns out to be a brilliant predator.

Overclock realizes that the number six has forgotten that Creeper has gone through all the hardships. While the Koichi property is on, it can respond to the slightest danger.

The sixth domain realizes that the crawler is feeding everyone at the last minute. Overclock instructed Quantum Six to think of Koichi’s skills as conditioned reflexes drilled into his devices through combat experience. However, the type of celebration is subtle.

Additionally, Overclock said the pressures of the police and heroes never allow the villain to have a primary spread. But throughout the years of his guards, the creeper was always on the defensive.

This leads to the beginning of this type of fighter. The sixth range continues to engage the creeper, which served that fatal blow. Koichi is like a great warrior whose reflexes are skillful to counterattack and a dancer.

Koichi is glad he survived the swipes. Overclock comments that using the most effective speed plates are not received in the face of Koichi. They resolved to use another approach called the Sixth Division to take control of Koichi.

date of publication

The Hero Academic 109th Bankruptcy may be released on Friday, September 10, 2021. Only chapters are released each month.

The hero academy guards I work with work on a biweekly schedule, however, it’s not uncommon for manga to take a break; You can study chapter 109 of my hero academic book online.

You may get new bankruptcy for the champions of academia online for free.

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