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The previous episode of kanojo mo kanojo was simply broadcast on Crunchyroll as well as on Muse Asia, enthusiasts are very excited about episode 8.

So, with what is said in this text, we will note almost everything you need to understand about kanojo mo kanojo episode 9 just like the release date, the countdown, the english dub, in which you can watch the anime.

Kanojo mo kanojo, also known as lady friend, girlfriend is a romcom, a slice of existence anime, mainly based on the manga of the same name.

The set was written using Hiroyuki who is known for his work as a comedian and his assistants. The set is designed using Tezuka productions, they have adapted a lot of important animation like Blackjack, How Now Don’t Summon the Invisible Lord, Dororo to say some.

Tezuka produces along with Satoshi Kawabara as director and keiichirō Ōchi because screenwriter Akio Toyoda is responsible for personal planning.

Miki Sakurai and Tatsuhiko Saeki are the composer of the melody. The anime was first introduced in issue 51 of the weekly shōnen mag last year in November 2020.

Kanojo mo Kanojo Episode 9 Release Date

Episode 9 of kanojo mo kanojo is scheduled to air on August 28, 2021, at 2:25 AM JST. Furthermore, the anime will run for 6 months with 12 episodes.

This fall season, many new and old anime have come out and to keep the music of all new episodes in order, we have created an anime release schedule. So, you can live with an update while the new episode comes out.

Release time Kanojo mo Kanojo Episode 9

Now for a global audience, the current episode will be available using the following date and time in those time zones:

PDT: 10:25 AM, Aug 28, 2021

Standard daylight time: 12:25 AM, Aug 28, 2021

Daylight saving time in Japan: 1:25 AM, Aug 28, 2021

British summer season: 6:25 a.m., August 28, 2021

Unfortunately, there is no authentic confirmation that the series will be in the English dub at the time of writing.

But, given that the manga series is very popular and everyone is fond of anime, it is very safe to say that the English kanojo mo kanojo dub can be offered just by permission to use its producers.

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