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This bankruptcy will start next week. Kaguya sama love is battle unearths a tale of affection between scientists as they attempt to achieve superlative heights.

From Kaguya’s current bankruptcy, sama love is a battle, Miko and kodachi settle their assessments and are reunited. The name of the bankruptcy is “Want Chika Fujiwara Dating”. The bankruptcy begins with Fujiwara skeptical that it is time for her to have the only love.

Ishigami wonders what happened to Fujisawa when she sees that she is thinking of her boyfriend. Fujiwara can’t accept the fact that the Ulema Council members are surprised that she doesn’t date us all in any way.

Fujiwara reminds the four of them that wherever she appears it is all about love, and that he or she has left it alone behind her. Kaguya has a miyuki and a shinigami has a miku but no one.

Ishigami advises her not to be repressed to discover dating because of the people around her. Fujiwara replies that it is very difficult to admit that everyone’s heroine has been taken by someone else. However, she is still a virgin at heart.

Fujiwara mentioned her fans, and Shinigami reminded her that she had never been a fan of her. Ishigami realizes that Fujiwara will stop at nothing and advises her to do what she loves.

Fujiwara reminds them that she is famous across college and that getting a boyfriend is a piece of cake. Kaguya asks her about the man who amuses her.

Fujiwara notes that there are a lot of things to look at despite the critical conversations. Ishigami asks her if criticism is the only thing the topics are about because it doesn’t hurt to have a bigger one.

Cast Preview

Kaguya intervenes and is determined to protect the men who have a lot of money. I have informed the Shinigami that the men who do coins don’t cheat very often, and you can also have an easy lifestyle by marrying rich people. Kaguya provides that one can start a business and find an ideal partner for group settlement.

Fujiwara replies that she plans to make a variety of money herself, and they can put monetary matters aside. Miyuki talked about the fellow’s appearance as a vital aspect while the ladies decided on it.

Fujiwara realizes that she never thought about it; Since this does not depend on her, she falls in love regardless of the man’s condition.

Miko handed the names of two men a woman could run away from after seeing them. Miko Fujiwara asks if she can stay as she is during her appearance.

Fujiwara replies that they talk about almost unique topics. Fujiwara gives an example and says his type would be Kaguya.

She asks her to be her boyfriend, and Miyuki tells her she won’t give him Kaguya. Fujiwara replies that she does not agree to go out, however, he must go to Kaguya for her and twice a week. Miyuki refuses what I offered.

date of publication

Kaguya sama love is fight Chapter 236 may be released on Thursday, September 2, 2021. You can officially check out new chapters of Kaguya sama love is war officially.

Kaguya sama love is a struggle class that will start every Thursday, but delay subsequent chapters. If bankruptcy is shattered, we can update the current information of the manga; Encounter permit while Kaguya sama love is liberating struggle.

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