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Shueisha and viz media released a brand new bankruptcy for the superb manga series Dragon Ball using toyatarou and Akira Toriyama as soon as a month, and after a 75 bankruptcy released in August 2021, fanatics are excited to see how the next bankruptcy will hold epic survivor granola.

Granola Survivor Story is a revenge-driven story about Granola, the lone survivor of the grain race whose primary goal was to kill Frieza to avenge the annihilation of his race.

However, a gap crime syndicate known as Geysers is able to convince the granola that the Saiyans are responsible for their race’s tragic past, so now, the only grain survivor blocks Vegeta and Granola in the planet’s grain.

With the granola releasing electricity from within, and Vegeta seemingly hit with his effective attack, will the Saiyan Prince be able to return within the next chapter?

For more details on the awesome Chapter 76 of Dragon Ball, test the details below and be sure to bookmark this page as we update it with more information as more information about Chapter 76 comes out.

Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76

In the fantastic Dragon Ball 75’s bankruptcy, the fight between Vegeta and Granola endures their fast and excessive battle with a Saiyan prince who has demonstrated the powers of his new super-ego transformation, and the lone pill survivor struggles to protect himself.

Vegeta tells him that he is receiving stronger while taking more damage, and that this God of Destruction is his, and now he is not given by beer.

Eyepatch, the oatmeal, and after receiving some powerful blows from Vegeta, he throws away the oatmeal and says that he no longer needs it due to the fact that his desire to become the strongest warrior in the universe has already arrived here.

Vegeta and Granola’s fight intensifies when the Grain Scavenger unleashes his power, causing the planet’s grain architecture to explode as he attempts to attack and destroy the Saiyan Prince.

Vegeta realizes he’s achieved a limitation, then manages to avoid the effective granola explosion. In the meantime, Goku is trying to heal himself, and he actually would like to get back to fighting granola instead of just being inside the sidelines. Oatmeal manages to command the spaceship to capture it, and the ship flies.

Vegeta collects most of his energy to create a large energy ball so that in the long run he can take out his enemy, but the granola gets a whole new power to improve and show his special eye technology on his 2D eye, and releases effective double electric blasts from his fingers, causing a huge explosion in the air Earth shaking in the grain planet.

Even Goku and the Geysers should feel the force of the explosion. Even when Vegeta appears to have taken a heavy hit, the granola stands on top of him, thanking you for drawing the strength inside of him.

The oil brings up the radar used to find the Dragon Balls, it’s approximation to find the location of the first Dragon Ball so that her selfish wish will come true.

At the time of this writing, no previews or teasers have been revealed yet for Dragon Ball’s awesome Seventy-six bankruptcy, but expect the battle of Vegeta and the Granola to continue, and it’s likely that Goku will be part of the struggle in every other round.

The fireplaces will probably find the first of the Seven Dragon Balls, and, perhaps, we’ll find out what they’re up to once they’ve all been collected.

Understanding the importance of the role of freezing in Beyond Granola, the long-running villain will likely appear in a future chapter of Granola Survivor Arc, but likely not appear in Bankruptcy Seventy-six.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 launch

The Viz media’s English version of the massive Dragon Ball manga usually elicits the next chapter’s exit date upon surrender, but abandoning the most useful 75 bankruptcy showed “bear”, so it’s uncertain while bankruptcy specifically seventy-six could be launched. But, Shueisha

Shueisha’s manga+ website has revealed that the next bankruptcy release is scheduled for Saturday, September 18, which will mark a full month for the reason for the release of Chapter 75.

However, the release date on viz media’s website raises concern that Chapter 76 says on September 20, which coincides with the release of the next issue of Shueisha’s v-soar magazine in Japan.

The brand new chapter is likely to release on September 18th, and if that release time is accurate, the English translations of the awesome Dragon Ball Bankruptcy 76 should arrive online in later times, however, note that they will be released a few hours earlier:

Pacific Time: 9 a.m. Saturday, September 18

When: 11am on Saturday 18th September

Japan time: Saturday, September 18 at noon

British time: 5pm on Saturday 18th September

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