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Nie Li obtained the testimony in a contest to demonstrate the use of the dao’s purpose, so the 342 Demons and Gods bankruptcy certificates might let us see how this continues.

With his diverse older brothers showing off their remarkable abilities, he volunteered to move in later once the stage was ready to close.

Some mortals were looking at him sincerely, however, and he was determined to sign up for the show.

So some of the target market ideas that he will reveal superior skills in his day drive may outperform the ideas of the big sibling.

When he changed his technique, he whispered to say that he needs to be watched carefully with all his senses because it will benefit his upbringing later.

Most of the target market continued to look at him with contempt and had no more expectations of him. He recalled that earlier, someone had demonstrated his abilities in calligraphy, so he offered to do the same and now could not display a distinct form of the dao case arts.

Gu Bei wondered why Nie Li gave him this advice, so it seemed that with the help of making that gesture, he turned to aim it at him.

Earlier than he could begin, he instructed the audience that the phrase he could write was most useful to the people to whom it was addressed.

However, the popular audience had already given in to it and found something else to come to instead. His dao case hadn’t reached the Fate realm yet, for little brother’s sake, he didn’t change a ton to what was expected of him.

While others are surprised by what he’s looking to show, keep writing something.

Chapter 341

It seemed that Nie Li was practicing the art of daily calligraphy as the reason for his dao did not come from the writings he was doing. The target audience was waiting to at least sense a little dad’s reason for his line, but nothing came, which turned out to be disappointing for them.

Although he was reminded that the purpose of this opposition was to show understanding of the dao, he continued his streak, and it wasn’t clear what he turned into trying to portray him.

Everyone within the crowd was still thinking about what had passed because, in this factor, this no longer qualified as a logical use of the dao.

So, in the long run, he appears to have written the calligraphy of the phrase “Sif”. Aside from the superiority of his calligraphy skills, there was nothing more that he did. Even this system administrator was a bit upset.

In the meantime, one of Big Brother’s notions is that maybe nie li is some kind of data-use miracle. But it turned out that he went to level up for a special reason instead of showing off his dao skills.

We will have to wait for the next bankruptcy to see how this will last. Due to the fact of this factor, it looks like nie li got up there for something other than his use of data.

Perhaps the next episode will reveal what happens next, as this is the most effective in the core part of Bankruptcy 341.

The remainder of the segment will do an extra check on what’s definitely going on with nie li or if he’s just dumb in the same way as the big siblings think.

tales of demons and kings chapter 342 release date

Demons and Gods 342 Bankruptcy Stories may be released on August 23, 2021. Currently, Manhwa publishes chapters in sections, with each section releasing once for about 3 days.

This means that the final stage of Chapter 341 may come out in three days. Currently, 341.1 Demons and Gods Bankruptcy Stories have been released, so later on, we assume we will have 341.5 Demons and Gods Bankruptcy stories, on the way to be the final section of Bankruptcy, and then we’ll be able to get to the next chapter.

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