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A variety of people were really looking for him, however, so he decided to sign up within the gallery. So a number of target audience the idea that he goes to show exceptional competencies in his day meant to outpace those of senior brethren.

When he became on his way, Gu Bei whispered that he should carefully watch with all of his senses because he would earn his fortune later. Most of the audience persisted in looking down on him and had no higher expectations of him.

He pointed out that in advance, someone had demonstrated his abilities in the art of calligraphy, so he offered to do the same and could no longer show a distinct form of the Dao Reason Arts.

Gu Bei wondered why Nie Li gave him such advice so that it seemed that by making this gesture, he had become targeting him.

As early as he could begin, he instructed the audience that the word he might write was best for those who turn to it. But the ordinary audience has already abandoned it and identified something else they might bring as an alternative.

His dao target had not reached the Fate realm, however, for the sake of the younger brother, no deal was expected of him now. While others are surprised at what he can look forward to showing, keep writing something.

Cast Preview

It seemed like Nie Li had changed to doing everyday calligraphy as no dao motive came from the writings he changed. The target market turned out expecting, at a minimum, a touch of the duo’s motive from their streak, but nothing happened, which turned out to be disappointing for them.

Despite the fact that it turns out to be a reminder that the reason for this opposition is to show the understanding of the day, he carried along with his streak, and no longer clean what he modified to look for the drawing. However, in the end, everything he did simply turned into easy line drawings.

However, everyone in the target audience was thinking about what had happened because, in that factor, this would now not be considered as the use of a dao reason.

So, in the end, it was considered that he wrote the calligraphy for the word “sword”. Aside from the superiority of his calligraphy skills, there was nothing more that he did. And even this system administrator changed somewhat disappointedly.

Meanwhile, one of the big brothers thought there might not be some kind of miracle in using the data. However, he had grown into a degree for an exclusive motive in his preference to show off his dao skills. We need to wait for the next bankruptcy to see how to maintain this.

Due to the fact at this point nie li seems to be up there for something other than his data usage. Before he got the diploma, he whispered to say that he needed to watch what he was going to do very carefully.

date of publication

Stories of Demons and Gods Chapter 342 may be released on August 23, 2021. Manhwa is currently releasing chapters in sections, with each section releasing once in a period of about three days.

This means that the final part of 341’s bankruptcy can be released within three days.

At present, the memories of demons and gods chapter 341.1 have been released, after that, we expect to get the bankruptcy certificates of demons and gods 341. Fifthly, it allows you to be the last section of bankruptcy, and then we can be able to reach the subsequent bankruptcy.

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