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Megumi, panda and yūji negotiations are on a good rope. The system of persuading Hikari and Karara to join them will not go as easy as they had hoped.

Will they be able to win? Jujutsu kaisen is a shōnen manga set created by gege akutami. It follows the story of Yūji itadori, who will become the bowl of Sukuma, the King of Curses.

His life changes all the time when he enters the world of magic and witchcraft hidden within his demonic interior, and he remembers all the time his goal to help humans.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 155 manga with subtitles

Hakkari proceeds to talk about how he loves gambling fever. For him, gambling is a way of life. He wants to manipulate the country through the fight club, at the same time you have the potential to do so due to recent events.

He asks itadori if he would like to join. Their verbal exchange was interrupted by Hikari’s mobile phone ringing. Hakkari gives Itadori a drink.

He accepts, although not alcoholic, considering he is a minor. Hakari says Gogo doesn’t drink either, but Itadori pretends not to arrest him.

Hakari doubts because every magician can understand who Juju is. Hakkari attacks with his damned train doors. Yugi tries to get him to focus by hitting him on the head.

Meanwhile, Megumi is also within the system of convincing Kirara that they are not completely aligned with jujutsu.

Karrara responds by saying that it was the faculty’s fault in excluding them in District One. Ishiguro asks what happened, and the panda explains that the highest u. S. Do you have unique criteria about damned technologies.

The panda uses the dreaded Dobara approach as an example, which is straightforward to catch. However, improving modern technology along with jujutsu is something the US Supreme does not really like.

Kirara says the gojo is with the university, so it’s strange for ishiguro and panda to ask for help. Megumi says Gogo has been sealed, which Karrara disagrees with. He proceeds to release his Shikigami rabbit, and decides to persuade Karara to help.

date of publication Chapter 156

Chapter 156 of Jujutsu kaisen may be released on Sunday, August 29, 2021. You can check out the collection on viz and manga plus.

Release time Chapter 156

Chapter 156 of Jujutsu kaisen will be released in Japan Into Darkness on Monday, August 30, Japanese Folk Time (JST).

Worldwide, it should launch in later times on Sunday, August 29:

Pacific Time: 8 AM Pacific Time

Critical time: 10 am CT scan

Eastern time: 11 am ET

British time: 4pm GMT

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