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One Piece Chapter 1023 scans have been canceled and we’ve learned some interesting beliefs about it. There were many talking points, ranging from the King’s Race to Sanji’s genes. In the end, we were also given to see a Momo figure shaped like a dragon. The stage is on the verge of subsequent bankruptcy and the way things are going, One Piece thrives.

The fight between Zoro and Sanji vs Queen and king is on the platform and we will see the wings of the future pirate king in action. Let’s quote roughly one piece of Chapter 1024 Reddit spoilers, predictions, and theories.

One piece chapter 1024 spoilers

At the time of writing this script, One Piece 1024’s bankruptcy has not yet appeared on Reddit. However, there will be no crashes next week, so you can count on the early launch of scans. Spoilers could be available very soon and you will also be able to get to know them.

In the meantime, allow plot predictions for the approaching chapter. It seems that the ongoing struggle between Zoro and Sanji against the King and Queen will remain in the upcoming chapters. Furthermore, Momo later acquires the form of his adult dragon and it is likely that Luffy will travel to Onigashima.

Inuarashi transformed into his long form for the second time in conjunction with the nekomamushi. The former works properly against disaster while Nekomamushi appears to be getting revenge on Pedro. Although Neko’s fight seems less difficult, Higurashi has a big project up front.

It seems that Jack will somehow high quality Higurashi. Truth to be advised, he hurts badly and Jack is officially a menace. So it would be a miracle if he could emerge victorious. On the other hand, nekomamushi probably wouldn’t have any trouble on his side, unless Prospero had something up his sleeve.

The step is ready for Momo to take Luffy on his shoulders and return to Onigashima. But we’re still not sure if they’ll get there or not while Onigashima is in the air or as he lands on the flower capital. Anyway, it will be interesting to look at Kaido’s reaction as he sees Momo.

Instead, the Yamato nation remains unknown. The last time we noticed it was blocking Kaido. And as far as we understand it, Kaido would have no problem crushing on his daughter. However, Luffy may arrive in time to shop for her. In Chapter 1022, Zero and Sanji unite to attack the King and Queen.

It caused them to fall to the ground but they immediately gave up again. In the direction, each of them has a reward in excess of a thousand million, so paintings will be difficult for our boys. On the other hand, the Queen used Haki for the first time.

Probably the king will be able to do this quite well. In addition, the King does not standardly rely on swords, unlike Zoro, so it will be a difficult task for the swordsman to go to war with the Lunar.

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