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After Kaido attacked, Luffy and the others launched a counterattack. Luffy, Kid, Law and Killer take possession of their special attacks on Kaido.

Throughout Zoro’s role, Kaido dodged his attack after hearing Big Mom’s warning, leading to the vanguard of Onigashima’s Century.

The blades lower the deep side of the kiddo body and hurt your organs. Big Mom finds out and attacks the Killer with a super action called Indra, which is a highly effective drum kit.

Mother’s important remarks that no one will escape punishment because they are under the sky. Kaido opens his mouth at night, the killer who falls to the ground.

Luffy saves and hits Kaido with the Jomo Jomo No Renault Schneider. Zorro noticed that Kaido would hit Luffy with the same Polo.

Zorro asks the legislation to teleport him around Luffy as well as Kaido. He made it clear if they weren’t kids he should look after them, but he agrees to get what Zorro has made clear. The list sends Zoro in the face of Kaido in the appropriate time period. Kaido hits Polo Breathe.

Zoro interrupts the attack using Kitsunebiryuu: Homurasaki and keeps Luffy. Zorro remembers the attack he used to invade Ryoma in Thriller Park. Unleash one special form: Ittouryuu and Hiryuu Kaen to attack Kaido.

Immediately after Zorro’s attack, Big Mother launched a counterattack, and struck Zorro with all lightning. The big mommy never stops attacking her with lightning either plus she beats Luffy.

However, as a result of the chewy nature of fresh Devil Fruit, Big Mom’s attack has no effect on Luffy. Kaido also attacks Luffy using his passion, and once again, it looks like Luffy is unharmed.

Kaido was surprised to notice that his strike was not working and asked Luffy when that was a hint. Luffy replied that it was his courage that protected him.

The pre-season split sees Luffy always attacking Kaido with Kong Gatling. Based on the image, it appears that Luffy is using Ryo to attack Kaido effectively.

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