Read Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 Spoiler, initial scans, release date, story, leaks and what to expect in this chapter


The attack on the giant manga may also have ended a few months ago, however, the anime has quite a bit of a story to come to grips with earlier than the conclusion.

Fortunately, Attack on Element 2 will begin in the final season of Titan in January 2022, Mappa announced through the show’s Twitter account.

Mappa also announced that the series will be releasing unique new animations ahead of the new season’s launch.

The unique episode will see characters like Levi, ani, and Mikasa recap the activities that have taken place up to this point and look to the future.

One issue that remains visible in the final season is how closely it follows the manga.

While the manga led into April, it has shifted to divided ratings for most of the fan base, which opens up at least the risk of a moderate trade by Mappa, although it’s also possible that the studio is clearly adapting to the tale as it has changed. At first.

The Assault on Element 2 of the giant’s final season is expected to spread to Crunchyroll when it launches early next year.

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