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The Avengers Tokyo 222 is a dump that many fanatics would agonize over to study the scene remaining within the latest bankruptcy extreme that showed an injured Draken lying on the ground.


The current maximum bankruptcy of the “Avengers in Tokyo” is called the “USA and the vicissitudes of his fate” and it is very similar to previous predictions, it is very similar to the 8/3 event.

Draken arrives at the theme park to help Nakamichi and Senju, who emerge unscathed after a series of gunshots. The gunman and his group fled the scene after causing hysteria in the area.

The recent chapter also emphasized Miki after his absence for several episodes after Nakamichi’s time jump. Miki felt uncomfortable, and while Haruchio Sanzo asked him, he said he felt bad about that night.

In the amusement park, Draken and Nakamichi talk about the Pokhara Tanda people who attacked Nakamichi. Draken also believes that the impending war of the Three Gods may be more than just a war of the delinquents.

In addition, Nakamichi told Draken about his new ability to be able to see the future. He also thanked Ken Chen for being the tool in his support of preventing terrible end results and successfully adjusting the future.

Their verbal exchange turned interrupted as Senju told them it was time to head out. But Draken asks Nakamichi to tell Miki not to get into too much trouble.

Confused as to what Draken was asking him to do, he grew up to be round and noticed the deputy leader of the Manji gang in Tokyo falling to the ground – lying back due to his drop and soaking in blood at the same time as he cried the gloomy sky. , it is similar to the occasion of 8/3 again.

Spoilers for chapter 222

The upcoming bankruptcy of the “Tokyo Avengers” will tell what happens to Draken and regardless of whether he survives this attempt in his life, the consequences can be deadly. Brahman will retaliate simply because the act not only threatens the lives of two of their members but also the existence of their leader will survive.

Mickey and Draken’s bond is still going strong after years of being apart from all things different. It’s interesting to see how Mickey would react if he knew what had happened to Draken.

The contemporary Pokhara Bandai movement certainly angered Brahman and retaliated by Mickey. Regardless of the strength of the gang, it is difficult to suppose how they could survive on the disastrous revenge of Brahman and what content he could give them.

Tokyo Avengers 222 may show the reaction of the VIPs in the tale that followed the accident inside the theme park. Furthermore, fanatics may recognize Drake’s attitudes.

date of publication

Tokyo Avengers drops a brand new manga batch every week. If there are no delays or changes to the usual schedule, fans can expect a new bankruptcy in September. 15th.

The first set of spoilers for 222 “Tokyo Avengers” can be online between Saturday and Monday. In the meantime, fans can check out Tuesday night’s initial scans.

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