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Hello everyone, English translations of the previous bankruptcy of Mercenary Record have been published and everyone and Prose are already looking forward to its next bankruptcy.

This article will cover, almost everything you need to bankrupt the forty-nine mercenaries. We can additionally provide you with a regular update of the legitimate and unofficial sources from which you can examine the famous manhua.

By the way, you can also check out our article on manga like second place in life. The Mercenary Record is an army-themed Korean manhwa written using yc with art by rak hyun.

At the age of eight, Ijin Yu missteps his father and mother in a plane crash and becomes stranded in a foreign land, pressured into becoming a young mercenary child to survive.

He returns home ten years later to be reunited with his family in Korea, where there is plenty of food and sanctuaries and everything seems non-violent.

However, ijin will soon be taught that being a teen is an entirely different feat for survival. With the simplest 365 days left in high school, ijin must grasp new ways to maneuver his way around the school’s battlefield. Can he live a year of excessive study? Or alternatively, will the faculty be able to survive it?

release date Chapter 49

The 49th Mercenary’s bankruptcy filing will be officially released on September 3, 2021. A new chapter in the series will be released on Wednesday of every week

. Since the series is so popular, the English translations of Manhwa did not take much time and the translation could be done within a week.

Release time

Now for our worldwide target market, reliable English translations of the latest bankruptcy will be available using the subsequent date and time in those countries.

Pacific Daylight Time: 9 a.m.

Related daylight saving time: 11 a.m.

Japanese Sunlight Hours: Noon

British summer season: 5 pm

Raw scanning and spoilers for Chapter 49

Mercenary Bankruptcy 49 Uncooked sweepstakes will also take place on August 31, 2021. The legitimate raw chapter will be on the kakaopage website.

The comedian will be officially available in many special languages ​​such as Korean, Chinese, and Oriental, and has legitimate English subtitles available on the same day as the initial scans.

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