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Osama is a comedy illusion anime coming from wit studio. The studio known for producing the first three seasons of Attack on Titan is back with a heart-wrenching but heartwarming Q4 anime movie.

The series is based on Tōka Sōsuke’s beloved manga, which debuted in 2017 and quickly became a fan favorite with thousands upon thousands of copies sold.

The upcoming studio wit animation will charm you with its groundbreaking story of the deaf and brave Prince Goji and his goal to be the greatest king of the arena.

The difficulty of remembering makes a home for overcoming prejudice and difficult situations that anyone faces as human beings. It’s a far-fetched story that guarantees humor, fun fairy tales, friendship and heroic quests.

date of publication

The anime rating for Osama is scheduled to be released on October 14, 2021 on Fuji TV. It will be broadcast entirely on Funimation starting October 15, 2021. Funimation will also be broadcasting the English dub.

The visible highlight shows Goji sitting on the throne in his underwear while holding a cloak at the same time as Kage dangles on the stairs.

The switch shown at the bottom creates a Studio Ghibli vibe with a beautiful, warm and inviting picture cover. We see goji and kage in the middle.

The corners are decorated, making it look like a cowl web page for an e-book. You will see the magic mirror at the top to place weapons, animals and home decor correctly and randomly applied due to the boundaries.

These types of factors serve as recommendations for the scheme. The example above gives us a glimpse of sovereignty. At the top of the wall, we see Goji and Kage standing with their bodies approaching the palace.

In addition, we see weapons on the ground, which indicates the outbreak of war. This case is most likely to depict the battle that Goji won to end up being the best king in the world.

a story

The classification of kings revolves around the lifestyles of Goji, the first sovereign prince to be dominated by the chief king, who is ranked seventh in the classification of kings.

Born deaf, Goji became so weak that he could not even swing a sword. As a result, he is seen by his servants and the general public as totally unworthy of being king.

It is then that Goji reveals his first friend, Kage. His fate with Kage ignites a small spark of courage, and Goji makes a decision to fulfill his dream of becoming the best arena king. With this said, their lives take a dramatic turn as they face obstacles collectively.

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