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However, as enthusiasts prepare for what should be an exciting final few weeks within the anime, there appears to be a noticeable lull before the storm with reports of a sudden postponement of the manga as well.

What can we learn so far about the amplitude gap and while the group should resume with Chapter 326?

326 level Get 326 level NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_1_326 مشروع

In line with online reports, the next chapter of my heroic academy manga series was behind schedule and wouldn’t appear in the latest weekly shonen rebound issue.

The first reviews originated with shonen Jump’s unofficial Twitter fan page stating that the series may have “received a surprising smash this week in weekly shonen Jump difficulty #41”.

News of the potential gap then turned to the popular Twitter web page “@atsushi101x”, the reputable MHA news page, which said “there will be no bankruptcy this week”.

Atsushi101x will then share a submission from the editorial department of shonen soar, stating that the postponement is due to Horikoshi’s physical condition.

But, given the top-notch tempo that the series has maintained over the past several months, fans may be informed if Horikoshi desires the weekend.

Fanatics have to say, however, that this has not been officially confirmed by the hero academy team, with the media and mangaplus calling Chapter 326 a release this weekend as scheduled.

Release date for My Hero Academia Chapter 326

If the reviews about an unexpected hiatus are correct, then my hero’s academic bankruptcy 326 will begin on Sunday, September 19th.

However, if these reports are false, the class will run as it was initially scheduled for Sunday, September 12th. In either case, classes are generally made available online at the following global times:

Pacific Time: 9 a.m. PDT

Japan time: 12pm EST

British time: 5pm GMT

ECU time: 6pm CET

India time: 9.30 pm India time

Philippines time: 12 am Philippine time

Australia time: 1. 30 a.m. EST

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