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Kaguya sama’s evolving love story is bankruptcy love 237 begins with Miyuki’s sister Kei Shirogane welcoming Kaguya into her home. This bankruptcy will be issued on Thursday of next week.

From Kaguya’s recent bankruptcy, sama love is war, Kei talks on a mobile phone with a person about shopping for items for dinner.

She is surprised that they are having a party. Kaguya asks Kei if something is not right, and Kei wonders what Kaguya is here. Kei Kaguya informs that they are planning to buy something for her father because they got something at home.

Kaguya thinks it will be fun. Kaguya smiles, and Miyuki arrives and asks if he agrees with Kei’s idea; Miyuki replies yes and tells her if she likes it. Kaguya accepts and is determined to come and live the evening.

Kei realizes that Kaguya has in no way visited their new home. Kaguya has the same opinion and continues to walk behind him while allowing Kei to steer his way.

Later they come to a completely new area, and Kei proposes to the whole Kaguya like a maid visiting a new administrative center. I confirmed all electrical appliances and rooms and told her you are welcome to our new home.

Kaguya thanks Kei for showing her around, and Miyuki advised her to put the luggage in his room. Kaguya asks Kei to reveal her in the bathroom, and Kei realizes that Kaguya was hers because she is aware of everything and the floor they might be staying in.

Kei concluded that Miyuki might have called Kaguya when she changed to Now Not in the Neighborhood. The bankruptcy title is “Kaguya-sama wants to live the night”.

Preview For Kaguya Sama Love Is War Chapter 236

Kei realizes that if Miyuki and Kaguya marry, she might be her sister’s wife. However, she is implicated that the two could have had a few romantic seconds before marriage. Kei thinks that it would be better for the two to get married, and Miyuki should not contact Kaguya before marriage.

When they watch TV, Kei sits between them and counters Miyuki to get to Kaguya. Miyuki wonders why his sister looks like this. Kei got up with Kaguya and told her that they could take a shower together. Miyuki kept looking at the TV and decided to relax.

After taking a shower, Miyuki decided to leave the dorm room and mentioned that it was late and ordered the key to visit the bed. Kei agrees to like whom Kaguya would choose to share the room with. Miyuki thinks they can use the equal room and put 3 futons as the final time.

He realizes that he wants to spend quality time with his lover, but to make it impossible. He came up with a great idea and involved the school staff, and asked Kaguya to come and discuss it in his room.

Kaguya knows him and says she can join him. Kei ruined the moment and stated that she would be a part of it if the work of the Council of Scholars was almost miles away.

Miyuki realizes she is stuck with him and he has to do something. Kei realizes that Miyuki preferred to trick her into spending time with Kaguya.

Miyuki calls her in a non-public place and reminds her that sausages need to go to the mattress at times like this. Ki agrees, and when she returns, Miyuki reveals she is touching Kaguya’s chest and says she knows it.

Release date for Kaguya Sama Love Is War Chapter 237

Kaguya sama love is a fight chapter 237 will be released on Thursday 9th September 2021. You can read the latest chapters of Kaguya sama love is a fight officially.

Kaguya sama love is a war bankruptcy that comes out every Thursday, but sometimes the manga delays upcoming chapters. While the manga is receiving a delay, we will update new information about Kaguya sama’s love which is the final chapter of the war; Lets meet while the love of Kaguya sama is a new chapter of the war.

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