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Kaguya-sama: Love is struggling again this week with a bankruptcy specializing in a major couple after a while. Although Kaguya and Miyuki are actually a married couple, they have awkward circumstances to move around occasionally.

The new bankruptcy fails to increase the plot much, and make readers annoyed by the main characters, however, it is also a moment that you can see in real life.

Below, you may find our available guide to Kaguya-sama love War Chapter 237, along with the maximum bankruptcy launch date and time so you can find out first!

Love is War in Kaguya-Sama Chapter 236

Miyuki’s younger sister, Kei, is upset that her father doesn’t go home at night, because she had made dinner arrangements, so she decides to invite Kaguya to have dinner with her brother and herself and live the night. Unfortunately for the couple, the key is a young girl who adores Kaguya and desires everything for herself.

While she loves the idea of ​​Kaguya marrying her brother, her understanding of courtship is still a bit restricted, so she doesn’t need Kaguya to live in Miyuki’s room.

In the end, Kaguya mentions that Miyuki might be leaving quickly to have a look at us, so she wants to spend those last few months with him as much as possible.

Kei reluctantly agrees, but it isn’t long before she rushes into the room, making things awkward another time.

Kaguya-Sama Love is War Chapter 237 Release Date

Kaguya-sama: Love is battle Chapter 237 was expected to be released next Friday, September 10, or Thursday, the 9th. Unfortunately, this has not happened yet.

Delays are usually a week, so we might expect the 237 bankruptcy release on September 16th. We will replace it if declared.

You can legally examine the recent bankruptcy of Kaguya-sama and other manga on any media, as it should be released quickly after it becomes available in Japan.


At the time of writing, there are no spoilers or career summaries for Kaguya-sama: Love Is Bankruptcy 237 because it was the sandiest afternoon ever to drive the current season’s extreme release.

These items, along with initial checks, are usually taken out 2-3 days before the discharge date, so we allow you to see if there are any additional records in between. If any initial scans come up, this should be around Monday or Tuesday.

After some standalone chapters, it would be satisfying if the plot moved back into ino and Ishigaki with the ability to replace.

Alternatively, Bankruptcy 237 could also be specializing in the primary couple again, and for the reason that they’ve taken the back seat for a few seasons, fans probably won’t be grumbling.

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