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Kaguya sama love is warfare bankruptcy 236 will be launched on Thursday, September 2, 2021. “Chika Fujiwara wishes so far” is the name of the bankruptcy.

In the love story of the Zucchini Academy, Kaguya and Miyuki try to tackle the problem of Miko and Kobach. The love story is revealed among the students in Kaguya sama whose love struggles as they try to gain heights.

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Kaguya steps in to help and decides to protect the rich. Fujiwara replies that she intends to make a little money on her own and that they can spend the money.

Miyuki cited that a man’s appearance is a big detail of whether or not a woman is going to date him. Fujiwara learns that she is by no means thinking about it; Due to the fact that she almost does not care about appearances, she falls in love with everyone.

Miko provided the names of guys that girls should avoid if they see them. When those arrive, Miko Fujiwara asks if she will still be on an equal footing.

Fujiwara replies that they might discuss separate topics. Fujiwara provides an example, declaring that its type is just like that of Kaguya. She asks Miyuki to be her lover, but Miyuki refuses to introduce him to Kaguya.

Fujiwara replies that two come out first class, however, he needs to go away from Kaguya twice a week. Miyuki refuses what she offers.

Miku and the Shinigami realize that Fujiwara is hanging out with Kaguya, which is why she has never had a boyfriend. When the two of them started talking about her, Fujiwara taught them that they shouldn’t talk about her that way.

Fujiwara thinks it is too quick for her to start flirting because she is totally tired of everyone. Kaguya decides to compile a list of people that Fujiwara can start dating. Instead, she preferred to be celibate.

date of publication

On Thursday, September 2, 2021, Kaguya sama love is warfare Chapter 236 may be released. Miko and Kodachi reconcile and rejoin the final extremes of bankruptcy Kaguya sama love is a battle.

Chika Fujiwara’s Trade Yet’ is the title of bankruptcy. New chapters of Kaguya sama love is warfare is currently available to read on any. Every Thursday, a brand new bankruptcy may be launched for Kaguya sama love is warfare, although subsequent chapters may Be behind schedule.

If bankruptcy stops, we will keep you updated with the latest manga news; We will meet again when the struggling Kaguya sama love is released.

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