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Hakari and Kirara then decide to help Itadori, Ishiguro and the panda! Because the execution game underscores, what happens next? Jujutsu kaisen is a sh┼Źnen manga set using gege akutami.

The sequence began on the weekly shonen bounce in 2018. In October 2020, the anime version’s primary season was released via Mappa.

Abstract about Chapter 157

Megumi begs Karara to hear them. He tells the panda and Megumi to live. Hakari keeps hitting blows, while itadori doesn’t hold up and keeps standing.

He says he will focus on them as long as Yuji is able to hold his position. Karara helps them by telling Hikari to care what they have to say. Hakkari asks Itadori why he is putting his consent inside him. He responds by saying that in keeping with his senpai, he is strong.

Hakkari punches are powerful no matter how much energy is put into them. In addition, he told itadori that he should show himself to him.

Itadori says it’s a gear that jujutsu wizards need so they can get rid of curses. Hakari says this is boring and hits Yuuji again. Standing up again, he decided to help Hikari.

The look in Yuji’s eyes and the “fever” he’s experiencing manages to convince Hikari. They then agreed to form a deal. Regardless of his dislike of the best, Karara says Hikari’s fever peaked as he turned to jujutsu, to help others.

release date Chapter 158

Jujutsu kaisen bankruptcy 158 may be released on Sunday, September 12, 2021. The set will be available on Eyes and manga plus.

Release time for Chapter 158

Jujutsu kaisen financial 158 may come out in Japan at 12 AM JST on Monday, September 13th. It should come out in subsequent time zones on Sunday, September 12:

Pacific time: 8 a.m. point

Critical time: 10 am CT scan

Japan time: 11 a.m. ET

British time: 4pm GMT

spoilers for Chapter 158

Hakari and Kirara are eventually updated on the past events that happened – basically, Gojo is closed, the main Yaga loss of life, and Ishiguro is the pinnacle of Zen in the extended family. The two were surprised by the interest in Megumi’s news.

Kogan (shikigami) indicates how much a new rule has been announced within the execution game. There is also the arrival of a new person, Kashima Hajime, who appears to be searching for Sukoon. It seemed that four hundred years had passed since the reason for the first sight of this person.

Based on the policies on points in sports, Kashima Hajime has already collected about two hundred workers. The new rule delivered to the recreation game with the help of this new character is related to the disclosure of records of all individuals – the player’s recall, factors, location, and the great variety of cases in which the player used his factors to add a new one. Al-Qaeda.

The best players at the moment are Hiragana Hiromi and Kashmir Hajime, both of whom have over a hundred points. Megumi plans to add new regulations to the game so that you don’t have to kill humans. Isadora’s birthday celebration now aims to find the best players for their factors


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